A home, abroad: End of Season 2 Review

If you managed to catch the mid-season update you’ll remember that we were flying high and battling with the big guns for Champions League qualification, after being predicted to finish 17th in La Liga. Could we sustain that level of performance into the second half of the 2015/16 season? Let’s find out…

The League

Do you want the ‘too long, didn’t read’ answer? Yes we could sustain that level of performance, and we only went and did this.

Tenerife CL Qualification

Tenerife League Table 2016

What a remarkable achievement for ‘lowly’ Tenerife. A fourth place finish in La Liga and for the 2016/17 season, Champions League football will be coming to the island. It might not last long, however, as we go straight into the notoriously tricky Best-Placed Playoff.

Tenerife League Fixtures 2016

Only a couple of things to note about our La Liga results in the second half of the season. Firstly, that 2-1 defeat at Elche meant that we’d lost both away games to the teams that came up with us from Liga Adelante the season before, I wasn’t happy about the defeat against Cordoba, and the same can be said for the Elche loss. Both teams did stay up, but it’s something I’ll be looking to rectify next season. Secondly, it was always going to happen, but that 2-1 home loss against Barcelona meant that we couldn’t quite go the season unbeaten at the Estadio Heliodoro Rodríguez López. Four losses in the second half of the season, and three of those to the teams that finished above us in the league, not bad at all.

Domestic Cups

Tenerife Cup Fixtures 2016

I’m still unhappy about our Europa League exit to be honest, but I won’t dwell on it. Did we replicate our fairytale run from last season all the way to the Copa del Rey final? Not quite, but we gave it a good go! In the end, it was the mighty Real that defeated us this season. Two seasons at the club, defeats in the final and semi-final of the cup, that’s not bad at all either. Could we go for the win in 2016/17?

Player Performances

Normally in this section I highlight three players who I think have been our outstanding performers. It’s too difficult this time. There’s too many to choose from, so here’s a quick summary of them all.

Rory Donnelly

What more can we say about this guy. Two seasons he’s been leading the line for us, and his first in La Liga was just as good as his one in Liga Adelante, if not better. He ended the season with 25 goals from 44 starts in all competitions. Throw in 8 assists too, and he got an average rating of 7.20. More on him later.

Pavel Savitskiy

The wild card signing from the last update. He was utilised in both the left midfield, and lone striker positions in the second half of the season and he chipped in with 11 goals and 6 assists in 21 starts, with an average rating of 7.24. Which was, incidentally, our highest rating amongst the players.

Dale Jennings

In the same boat as Rory, he seemed to get better this season on the bigger stage. Playing on either flank, he started 41 times, fired in 16 goals and laid on 12 assists, giving him an average rating of 7.20. More on Dale later on too.

Joe Edwards and Anthony Wordsworth

My first choice central midfield pairing, and what a partnership they’ve been. Not really blossoming together until the second half of the season, Edwards going from box-to-box role, and Wordsworth operating in the supporting advanced playmaker role, scoring 15 goals and providing 17 assists combined might not break any records but they’ve really broken all expectations I had of them.

The Defence

Everything in my player performance updates so far in this save has been about midfielders or attackers. Here’s a special shout out too my defence. Conceding just 41 goals in the league is a great return for a newly promoted side, completely shutting out the opposition 13 times as well. Here’s to the unsung heroes, my first choice keeper and defence, Dani Hernandez, Javi Moyano, Kyle Bartley, Charlie l’Anson and Joe Dudgeon.

The Club and Our Philosophy 

Here’s a reminder again of my rules for this save:

  1. 80% (20) of the first team squad to be from either England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland.
  2. Players brought in from these nations will spend a maximum of 2 seasons at the club, receive significant game-time and the best possible development, and then be moved on.
  3. No money will be spent on incoming player transfers, leading to…
  4. Strive to make a profit on all outgoing player transfers.

With these in mind, we’re two seasons in so it’s time to sell some players…

FMSamo Academy Graduates

Way back at the beginning of this save I outlined that I wanted the base my philosophy around the Glenn Hoddle Academy. He brought in players who had lost their way, coached them up, tried to give them playing experience and then attempted to move them on to get their careers back on track. Ikechi Anya being the success story of that. If you’ve been following the save, you’ll remember that at the beginning of season one, I signed Rory Donnelly, Dale Jennings and Joe Edwards (and Stewart Carswell, but he’s been a flop). In accordance with rule 2 above, these players have spent two seasons at the club and it’s now time to move them on.

Dale Jennings

Tenerife Jennings Hull

Brought in on a free transfer, Jennings has joined Hull for £2.2m. In his time at the club he started 92 games, scored 30 goals, provided 29, got 11 man of the match awards, and finished with an average rating over his two seasons of 7.23. He was worth the value of his transfer at the time of sale, so I’m slightly gutted to see him now worth £5m without kicking a ball for Hull yet. Nevertheless, £2.2m of pure profit for the club.

Rory Donnelly

Tenerife Donnelly Sociedad

What a player this man has been for Tenerife, and he moves on to Real Sociedad for £2m, an absolute steal for them! Surprisingly, the only club that came in for him, otherwise I wouldn’t have sold him to a club in the same league. 89 starts, 47 goals, he chipped in with 16 assists, got 13 man of the match awards, and ended with an average rating of 7.24.

Joe Edwards

Tenerife Edwards Elche

The guy so often missing out on the plaudits, he’s moved on to Elche for £2.7m, the highest fee of the three graduates. Again, Elche were the only club to make a bid, otherwise I would have preferred not to sell him to a league rival. He ends his time at Tenerife after making 96 starts, scoring 14 goals, providing 18, getting man of the match 6 times and getting an average rating over two seasons of 7.17.

All in all, that’s a pure profit of £6.9m for the club and after a really successful season in the league, the club bank balance is now sitting a very healthy £18m. Normally I’d give an update on players brought into the club before the new season in this update, but we’re currently under a transfer embargo. Long-standing club president, Miguel Concepcion, has retired, and a new president that some of you may have heard of before, Ralph Krueger, has only just taken over. Apparently my job is in danger, so this could be the last Tenerife save update…

To finish off, here’s a screenshot to underline how brilliant our achievement was to finish 4th in the league. We were way behind all the other clubs in La Liga in our salaries paid out per year, in last place.

Tenerife Salary

Will we suffer from second (or third) season syndrome? Will I even still be at the club? Thanks for reading again, and if you don’t already, give me a follow on Twitter @FM_Samo

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