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Everyone enjoying the Addicted to Football Manager series so far? Yeah? Good! Here’s another one for you today! If you’ve missed any so far and want to catch up, there’s links at the bottom of the post. If you want to catch up on what the hell this is all about, best to read my initial post on really being addicted to Football Manager.

Up today is @BusttheNet!

It’s very fitting, as Rashidi runs a blog named! A very underrated site for all things FM, from tips on youth development to what tactical system you should create. Here are his anecdotes on being addicted to Football Manager.

Not many people can remember the days of Championship Manager, but I remember my first weekend. I was on holiday and visiting my friend, and while he was at work, he asked me to kill the time on his computer with a game called Championship Manager. It was a Friday afternoon, his wife entered the room I was in and asked if I’d like lunch and whether pizza would be fine. I humbly said yes, after all, I was a poor graduate.

Turning around I started my first game managing Liverpool F.C. with high ambitions of seeing what the game was all about. As the match highlights whizzed by, my mind raced fired by imaginary images of players sliding, tackling, but they failed to score. 15 games later I was fired. Undeterred, I persevered, determined to make a game of it. Hours later my friend returned from work, opened the door and recognised my demeanour, he closed the door and walked away. 48 hours later, he came back into the room, the pizza lay uneaten on the table, to remind me that my bus home was hours away. I packed up and graciously accepted his offer to drive me to the bus station. My future was set, the ground had been laid, my future relations with women defined, I would never be the same again. I had played my first real computer game and I was hooked.

Over the years, I have had CM cited in a divorce, and, I have lay in a bed with my laptop fired up to force more than one girl to break up with me. My second wife, encourages me to play Football Manager, because she believes that it keeps my mind occupied and off more dangerous pursuits. Yes I even wrecked a car driving home drunk so I could play Real Madrid in the final of the Champions League. The workspace hasn’t been spared either even meetings have been rescheduled around my FM career. When we started looking at social media tools for the workspace, I started a blog and a YouTube channel convincing myself that I was adding value at the workspace. Even my wife is convinced. The game has transformed my life so much, that its even ingrained itself into my personality, and that is dangerous but I don’t care. After all, football is religion, and football manager is my pastor.

Quite the story today! Thanks for sharing Rashidi!

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