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Over the last few weeks I’ve been posting the stories I received from members of the Twitter FM community while I was writing a post on being addicted to Football Manager. Today’s is quite timely, since he sent me his story he’s arguably become even more addicted. Addicted enough to start recording a podcast all about Football Manager. If you haven’t listened to the the Deep Lying Podcast yet, you’re missing out.

He is…@ed_wilson87!

Can you think of a time you’ve gone over and above ‘normal behavior’ just to play FM?

Yes. Arguably I go over and above the ‘normal behaviour’ on an almost daily basis. This is because I’m able to play FM at work. I shouldn’t and I often know I’m doing the wrong thing, but I can’t bloody help it. I work in a small office environment where I control my own clients and work and with a dual-screen setup the temptation is too great not to have work on once screen and FM on the other (and I’ll admit, some days I’ll rarely look at the work screen!). Don’t get me wrong, if work needs doing it’ll get done, but some days if a save has me gripped I’ll churn through the seasons in no time. What’s worse is that I also play with a couple of other guys from midday in a net save, unlike me they have finished work by then.

One day in the future I know I won’t be able to continue doing this, but in the true essence of young folk these days; YOLO.

Has your behaviour towards others/another changed whilst playing FM or because your FM time has been restricted by them?

Fortunately not. I’m a pretty chilled out person and don’t let most things get to me. Go back a few years and I used to want to play FM all day at work and then carry that on as soon as I got home, which I was often able to do (my wife works between 3-9pm, ideal), but FM14 has always been a struggle for me, the first FM I can remember that I didn’t want to play 24/7, more through frustration at the tactical interface and questionable ME animations. So I’m able to separate me ‘normal’ life with my FM life and if I need to have my time restricted away from the game, I’m ok with it.

Have you deliberately missed out on any social events/gatherings because you wanted to continue playing FM?

There’s been many a time I can remember where I’ve stayed in to play FM and missed a few quiet drinks or nights out. Go back to the days of FML (Football Manager Live) and my addiction was at it’s peak, if it was end of season / player auction time I’d pretty much try and drop everything to ensure I was in front of my laptop. There’s definitely been a number of occasions, more so 2+years ago, where I’ve feigned illness to stay at home and make those much needed pre-season signings.

Do you have a strict routine when it comes to playing FM? What happens when that routine is interrupted?

If I’m in the office and not out with clients, I’ll often fire it up first thing and keep it ticking over as the day goes along. If things are quiet then I’ll get more play in of course. Days where I’m out of the office are usually spent thinking what I’ll do once I’m back in the office. Other than that there’s no routine as such, usually play at every opportunity. Thankfully I can occupy my mind on other things if that routine is interrupted by work/family/other games, though I’ve definitely developed that over the years of FM addiction, I reckon my FM self-control attribute has gone from a 8 to a 15 over the last 3 or 4 seasons.

Let’s hope nobody from your office reads this!

If you want to get involved and offer up your story of being addicted to Football Manager you are more than welcome to do so! Just get in touch with me on Twitter @FM_Samo!

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