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As I mentioned in last week’s post where I introduced @ZeGerman’s story of being addicted to Football Manager, there’s some cracking stories from the Football Manager community just sitting in my inbox. This series of posts will share these stories and underline how completely addicted to Football Manager we all are. Feel free to get in touch too and share your own story.

Up today is @MerryGuido!

I work as a teacher, and as I’m heavily into FM, I tended to peruse the various forums and messageboards dedicated to FM, both in English and in Dutch. During a class, I caught two of my students posting on some of the same forums as I had. In fact, it turned out we had interacted via these boards without either of us knowing the identity of the other. It started with me giving the lads a few pointers and ended with a full-blown after-school class, using a digiboard and discussing transfer strategies and the merits of various tactics!

I can share a few in-game anecdotes too. I once started a blood feud with Le Havre on FM12 I think. They had the audacity of knocking my nigh-invincible PSG squad out of the cup, as well as injuring one of my starlet youngsters for 7 months. Their manager even had the nerve to gloat afterwards, which is incidentally something I never do in FM, except when dealing with José Mourinho. Anyway, this meant WAR!!

Over the course of the next five seasons, I have systematically destroyed the club. Every first team player with an expiring contract was bought on a free transfer. These players generally got one year deals, spent in the reserve squad, but Le Havre got fuck all for them in terms of financial compensation. Often, I would even sell these players for discount prices to their main competitors in the league.

On the occasion they got talented newgens, I started grooming them, making them unhappy at Le Havre. I expressed interest in signing them and often made low key bids. The constant rejections from Le Havre often pissed off these youngsters, so they would not renew their contracts or force a transfer away from the club. In some cases, a newgen would not budge, so I generally tried to buy him anyway so Le Havre would not benefit from his presence.

Three seasons into the feud, the team was financially struggling and had fallen from Ligue 1 to Ligue 2, but they were doing alright in this division. I wanted them to sink even lower. In pre-season going into the fourth season, I organised 21 friendlies in 21 days versus Le Havre. I wouldn’t field my first team squad, but a mix of reserves and youths. With 96 contracted players at my disposal, I could afford such shenanigans. I stuck an ultra-hard tackling tactic on and let the assistant take control, We lost 7 players to injury, they lost 17! The benefit of a broad squad was showing. Their league start was nothing short of disastrous, so morale plummeted.

During the winter months, they appeared to be recovering from their poor start. This was not acceptable, so I organised another friendly and hammered them 8-1. Morale was shattered again and relegation to the National divisions occurred. Revenge was mine!

When I was managing in India I acquired a superb African newgen. Just before the start of the Olympics, and after a long, drawn-out process of negotiation, he signed a new deal making him the highest paid footballer in India, earning a staggering 20k a week. A lot in Indian football!

Anyway, the little shit had a great tournament and finished joint top scorer. Immediately after the games, he demanded a new contract. I refused. He throws a hissy fit. I tell him to fuck off. He demands a transfer. I get mad and stick the ungrateful little shit in the reserve squad with an official warning. He starts throwing a tantrum, skipping training and such. At this point, I am getting really fed up. Star player or not, he’s getting fined every week. I am not paying this son of a bitch. Furthermore, I will let his contract run out, and he will see it out. Just to rub it in, I had him on goalkeeper training schedules. A bit over the top maybe, but still fun!

Talk about going over and above ‘normal behaviour’! Forget behaviour changing with people in the real world, Guido took that a step beyond and his in-game behaviour changes. He does keep this strictly in-game though…

Besides my in-game madness, I do try and keep gameplay and real life separated. I don’t believe I’ve ever been rude or mean to anyone because of my in-game performances. I do like playing, but I don’t let it get in the way of real life. I have skipped a few classes to play FM, but I have never blown off friends or dates to play a few more games.

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