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I’m always on the lookout for an edited Scottish database when any new Football Manager is released. I’m not the biggest fan of the current set up in Scottish football. I hate the split after 33 matches in the Premiership. I hate that more than one club isn’t automatically relegated from each league. I hate the current way the promotion/relegation playoff between the Championship and the Premiership is structured. And we’ve not even gotten onto the sizes of the leagues yet. Everyone has their differing opinions on what their ideal number of teams would be in each league, and the number of leagues there should be. 12 in the top tier, and 10 in each of the rest of the three lower tiers is not my ideal set up. What is my ideal set up? I think I just want something new, to be honest.

I definitely wanted something new after 8 seasons playing in the SPFL in my Morton save. 6 of those were in the Scottish Premiership, and it just gets so tedious playing the same teams over and over again, at least 3 times a season, if not 4, and that’s not including the Scottish and League cups. That’s something I’d love SI to look into the possibility of, editing league structures during a save. Having to move club shouldn’t be the only thing that freshens up a save game.

So with all this in mind, let’s get into it. James aka FMPressure alerted me to an edited Scottish database on Steam. You can find that original database here on Steam. Other than merging it with an updated database from the FM Whizzkids (from the 25th of June), I haven’t made too many changes to it, but I’m going to run you through the set up and then you’ll have a download link at the bottom too with my edits if you fancy it.

The Leagues

It’s a 16 team top tier and each team will play each other twice, meaning there’s 30 league games, for all you maths boffins. The second tier is exactly the same, and the teams making up the top two tiers are as follows.

Edited Scottish FM Database

The naming convention for these leagues remains the same, Ladbrokes Premiership and Championship. The squad and matchday squad rules are a little different however. You need to pick a 25 man squad for the season, however, youth players don’t count towards that 25 unfortunately. I would have liked to have spotted and changed that, but I’m halfway through a season now with Aberdeen. Gutted. Within your matchday squad, you must have 8 players to have been trained in Scotland, and at least 3 homegrown players from your club. Putting the development of Scottish players first, more on this to come very soon. These squad rules only apply to the Premiership, the Championship has none but be wary of the rules if you do get promoted. You don’t want to have to go out and entirely revamp your squad if you’ve gambled on cheap foreign players to get you promoted!

The bottom two teams are automatically relegated, with the team in 14th going into a relegation playoff with 3rd – 5th from the Championshp. The top two teams from the second tier are automatically promoted. Underneath the Championship, you’ve got League 1 which replicates the structure of the top two tiers, while below that, the Highland and Lowland leagues sit. The top teams from each of these leagues are promoted, while the 2nd placed sides face off for the chance to play against 14th from League 1. Below the Highland/Lowland Leagues are the Highland/Lowland Divisions, which are split into A and B for each league. B gets promoted to A, and A goes into the Highland/Lowland League. Following? Good luck if you choose to start lower down than that. It’d make a cracking story to climb through this league system.

There’s £5m on offer for the winner of the Premiership, however. Will you earn it?

The Cups

The Scottish Cup remains, however one change is that the majority of teams enter at the second round phase, including the top teams from the Premiership. It’s then a complete free for all, with no seedings or special treatment. The final is still a showpiece match at the end of the season, with the winner gaining European qualification and the tidy sum of £1m.

The League Cup has changed, and with the FM Whizzkids merger, you now have the Betfred Cup. The structure in this edit is quite close to the new structure in the non-FM world, but not quite a carbon copy. Instead of the teams in European competition not participating in the new group stage, they do, and we’ve got 8 groups of 6 teams in the group stage.

Edited Scottish FM Database

Each team plays each other once and the top team from each of the 8 groups goes into the quarter final. From there, it’s just a straight knockout and the overall winner nets £500k.

I’ve added a Super Cup, where the winner of the Premiership and Scottish Cup face off in a one-off match at the beginning of the season. I’d love to see this game be brought to reality in the non-FM world. On reflection though, after starting a proper save with the database, it seems as though there’s already a Super Cup in place. It’s called the Glasgow Cup in-game…my bad and that’s my poor editor skills showing there for not double checking. Ah well, if you win the league or the Scottish Cup, you potentially get the opportunity for a couple more cup wins at the start of the next season!

As is often the case with edited databases, I’m sure you’ll find a few errors and nuances as you go along. If you want to flag anything to me, please do either on here or Twitter and I’ll do my best to make changes.

So do you fancy pitting your management skills against Brendan Rodgers’ Celtic? Or doing battle against Warbs with Rangers in the top tier from the start of the game? As you’ll have spotted, I’ve gone for Aberdeen and an update detailing my plans for the save is coming soon.


3 thoughts on “An Edited Scottish Database

  1. This sounds great. I think I know the database you found on Steam, I wasn’t a fan of the inclusion of the Glasgow Cup, it felt awkwardly thrown into the season, your Super Cup sounds much better!

    I’m going to give this a try, with Celtic first (my club) and try build a modern day ‘Lisbon Lions’, the home-grown rule plays well into this. Then I’ll pick a lower league club, maybe a good highland/lowland league club and take them up to the top!

    I might start blogging, i’m unsure as of yet.

    Great work, and I love your blog, this is my first commnet but I read all of your Morton save, its was superb!

    1. Hey Lewis, thanks for the comment. Really appreciate the kind words, and glad you’re following the save, and my previous one with Morton!

      I’m still not quite sure about the Glasgow Cup set up, will need to wait and see what happens next season in the Aberdeen save.

      I did consider Celtic for a save, to be in charge of them and have them really push up the Scottish coefficient, but went for Aberdeen in the end for a bit more of a domestic challenge too. Your idea sounds great, and if you didn’t want to start your own blog, feel free to get in touch and write a few pieces for the site! Guest bloggers are always welcome.

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