Becoming A Mountain: Meet the Club – HK

If you like you can call the club Handknatteiksfélag Kópavogs, but it’s up to you. I think I’ll refer to it as HK.


So here we are. My first managerial job. My career has starting in Iceland’s 2nd Division with semi-professional HK. If you don’t understand the title of my save, ‘Becoming A Mountain’, it’s reference to Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson – The Mountain from Game of Thrones and World’s Strongest Man competitor from Iceland – we’re taking little HK to be an Icelandic Giant, or ‘Mountain’.

We have a 1600 capacity stadium (1500 seated). We’re based in Kópavogur, which has a population of 33,200. However, the city is also home to Breiõablik, a Premier Division side who won it in 2010; our main rivals. They have a good history and have produced great talent like Gylfi Sigurðsson.


HK has had its ups and downs but hopefully we can make them the powerhouse of Iceland and eventually european greats, but thats quite far down the road. I have more short term issues to sort. Here you can see some of the clubs past league finishes. Nothing special yet but this screen will hopefully be very different in a few years with some silverware.

Club History

HK was formed in 1970 originally as a handball team. We have ‘great youth facilities’ and ‘impressive training facilities’ which is what first attracted me to this club. Don’t worry though I haven’t taken over some sort of Sugar Daddy club that will dominate Iceland from the start. No. We have £87000 overall balance, no transfer budget and a wage budget of £2244, when I joined we were spending £2087. So, I can’t do much to start.

League table

Starting off the table looks like this. I’ve missed 10 games but we’ll see how the next 12 games go under my control.



When I joined I was the only member of staff, other than a Head Physio. This can be seen as good or bad. It annoying because I need to find staff on an already small budget and until I do that training and scouting is non-existent other than myself. However this is good because I can bring in my own staff that have good coaching and personalities and build a backroom that may stay with me for years to come. I like a loyal, professional backroom who I’ve worked with for years. But, I can imagine I may need use some amateur contracts at first.



I won’t show you everyone, but here are a few key players. I’m not showing hot prospects, I think I’ll do another post just about them in coming weeks.


Jökull Elísabetarson is a versatile 31 year old and is on £230/week but only has 3 months left on his contract and says the club can’t match his ambitions. Looking at him I like his work rate and teamwork. Defensive technicals are okay but he lacks pace. Until, I get a good idea of the league it’s hard for me to judge though I find. We’ll only have him for the remainder of this season but I want to use him effectively for that time and I feel he’ll be key in our midfield.


Jóhannes Karl Guõjónsson is an experienced veteran with 34 caps for Iceland at 35 years old. He has experience in the English Premier League and La Liga. He has another year on his contract and at this level I’m willing to use a 36 year old. He has great mentals and 14 strength, which I really like. However, he’s not very tall which I’m not a big fan of.

Ragnar Leósson

Ragnar Leósson will be important for us either in attacking midfield or on the wing. The 24 year old is on £150/week and has a year on his contract. He’s valued at £17.25k so I could look to cash in on him if he doesn’t perform or I have a good young replacement for him. Looking at him he doesn’t really impress. He has good teamwork and decent work rate and physicals but I don’t see him tearing up the league but as I join the club 9 games in he seems to of done well so far.

I’m thinking of a 4-4-1-1 with Guõjónsson and Elísabetarson as my centre midfield partnership with Leósson.


Thanks for reading my short introduction to my new club. My next post will be on my plan and my philosophy for this save, so watch out for that. Feedback appreciated and my twitter is @SL_TeamTalk or visit my site:

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