Berlusconi’s Dream – And so it Begins

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“You were informed that promotion to Serie B was the principle aim of the 19/20 season. You have failed to achieve this. As such, Cristian, you are in breach of your agreements with me and I must now terminate your contract. It pains me to do this to you, a proud Rossoneri, but Monza must advance!”

It was the 24th of May, 2020 and AC Monza had finished the 19/20 Serie C/A season in 2nd place. A formidable achievement in the eyes of many. A failure in those of Berlusconi. But Monza would remain rudderless for only a matter of hours…

Forgive the newgen face; Il Razzo will appear in his true form later

Welcome to the terza parte of Berlusconi’s Dream, thanks for reading. Today, having been appointed by Il Caimano himself, I’m going to explore my backroom staff to see who and what we have to work with before a bit of a deep dive into the Development Centre to examine what the future holds. Hopefully I won’t have breached anyone’s Intellectual Property rights on the phrases/headings used below…

If you’ve not read FMPressure’s latest blog on staff and their responsibilities, do go and check that out NOW. Then come back here once you’re done!

1st Team Coaching Staff

I’ve gutted the setup quite quickly and for two reasons: firstly, I can’t be having Brocchi’s men around the club when I’m trying to establish my own culture. Secondly, they were broadly rubbish. Brocchi had hired a significant amount of staff on amateur and part-time contracts and thus he wasn’t recruiting from true talent to begin with. I’ve already floated a few contract offers out for a new Assistant Manager and a suite of 1st Team coaches. My aim when recruiting, as Presh discusses, was to find staff with similar tactical ideas to me. It does mean that I’ve had to sacrifice some quality but at least we’ll all talk the same language in the spa at the end of the day. And, of course, as we promote and improve our reputation, I’ll be able to recruit more qualified assistants. I’ll also seek to improve these guys too by sending them on coaching courses.

Our new Assistant Manager, Fabio di Maggio, is someone I envision Il Razzo knows personally. Perhaps they both met at AC Milan back in the day…maybe they attended a coaching course together. Maybe they’re family friends? Regardless, I hope I can bring him along with me on this journey as my trusted right-hand man!

Pretty much crap but likes a 4-1-4-1 DM and Controlled Possession

1st Team Medical Staff

It’s the same story here. Amateur physios and sports scientists?! Outrageous. A new team will be recruited here as I’ve gone ahead and gutted the staff once again.

Scouting/Transfer Staff

The Chief Scout has a 9 for JPA and JPP…

The scouting team is far from a priority for me at Monza. At least right now anyway. Per the rules discussed in my first blog entry, my focus is to rely on youth development. As such I don’t see a particular need to have a full team of scouts and data analysts. And, in fact, I can save some precious wage expenditure by terminating and simply not hiring. I’ve sacked off the Director of Football as well; I’ve a suspicion that there’s a rare DoF bug whereby he’ll still conduct duties even when they have been allocated to me…it means that there is going to be a lot of work coming across my desk but we’ll see how I go.

Development Staff

The U20 coaching team
The U18 coaching team

Not a lot to write home about either. Worth noting that I’ve sacked the Head of Youth Development: he didn’t match the tactical style or formation we’re going to play nor did he have a good personality.

Arguably more important that even the 1st Team backroom are the coaches and managers working in our academy. This is particularly important, again, due to the youth development focus of the save. Like the 1st Team, this is an area requiring drastic improvement.

Settore Giovanile

Our Academy as analysed and briefed by Fabio with his 4 for JPP

The “youth sector” at Monza is represented by the U20 and U18 squads who both compete of “Gruppo 5” of their respective age divisions. The U20s finished 9th in 19/20; the U18s were 4th. Fabio doesn’t believe we have any players ready for 1st Team action at the moment although some of those have already been called up by necessity. Herve Otele, Giacomo Tomaselli and Federico Marchesi are three such players who demonstrate potential at this level.

Herve Otele
Giacomo Tomaselli
Federico Marchesi

There’s another 12-15 players across the two academy squads who show some potential but of course we’re talking about players showing good potential for Serie C/A. I don’t have a lot of faith in these talents at the moment but hopefully good coaching, training and more influence on the youth intake will start to bring some difference makers through.

Well that is about enough for now. It’s time to start building my backroom teams and setting the conditions for a successful 20/21 season. The club lost a schwack of money this season, despite being comfortably under the wage budget (I’m actually surprised an AI manager managed to achieve this) and is now considered “insecure” which is brilliant. Given who is in charge though, I think we’ll be alright….

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