Berlusconi’s Dream – Uhhh what?

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So this went left, really fast. Our hero, Il Razzo, had barely re-positioned the picture of the wife and kids for the fourth time upon the desk in his office at Brianteo when #ForzaBerlusconi entered:

“Razzo, it’s time I left you. You’ve made great strides in your time here to date; far outstripping the guidance I could ever have given you. So I’ve sold the club to Luca. He’s a good man. Don’t worry, he’ll give you as much time as I had planned on. Anyway, it’s back to the European Council with me. Good luck! Ciao!”

So Berlusconi’s Dream became Berlusconi’s Retirement in 48 hours. Quality banter that. Nevertheless, the story will go on! I imagine old chops Silvio, sitting in his Swiss chalet, sipping champagne and reading about our little Monza, plugging away in deepest, darkest Italy. Anyway, what have we been up to?


As mentioned in the previous post, I sacked off much of the existing staff. Contracts went out and we managed to bring in a decent group of gentlemen coaches. Broadly they either matched my preferred formation or tactical style which was pleasing but unfortunately, their DLM (Determination, Level of Discipline & Motivating) were under cooked (predictably for Serie C/A).

The club’s finances had also undergone change so to speak. They were 3 million in the hole when I checked through the books and, having obviously played a few more months since, are losing about 650k a month. Not good.

The arrival of Luca Musto as our new owner only slightly adjusted the club’s vision and expectations. Notably, the inclusion of “don’t sign anyone over the age of 30”. I’ll extend this to read “don’t re-resign any players to contract beyond their 30th birthday”. That’ll add a nice little wrinkle and challenge to the save.

I did bring in a new left wing back on a free. At 21y/o he met the requirement to sign players under 23, was Italian and was ex-Torino so he had a bit of talent about him. He’s settled in wonderfully and may well come up again at my end of season review.

One other significant change was the board accepting an offer for Marco Fossatti – one of the players I identified as being key to our promotion bid. The sale could reach as much as 1.1 million after appearances so it’s not a bad deal but it does put a dent in my starting 11.


We started the season playing a 4-3-2-1 DM Wide for the first 10 games. We achieved tactical familiarity during pre-season and started with a lovely 3-0 stuffing of Pro Patria. But, then we lost. Won. Then lost. Won again. Drew. Lost. Inconsistency was giving me a headache. So I gave up and had a look online to see what sort of successes others were having. Enter the 4-2-3-1 “Shitty Taka” by the veritable “CJ”:

We took off:

We followed the Juve game with a 0-0 draw against Pontedera.

It’s currently the 12th of December and we lead the league by 3 points from Robur Siena. We have a stack of contracts due for renewal but, harking back to our new rule, half of them won’t be renewed (we’re going to lose some serious experience moving into the 21/22 season). I’m optimistic of the second half of the season. The top clubs (or the clubs at the top of the table) have rotated regularly indicating that everyone is being a bit inconsistent. If we can keep keeping (yep, I know) clean sheets then I like our chances of outlasting the chasing pack.

Thanks for reading and thank you, CJ.

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