Building A Mountain: 2016 Player Analysis – Greining

After ending the 2016 season we ended with promotion, in this post we’re doing some analysis to see how well our attacking players performed. At the moment I don’t have radars for defenders but may in future. If you haven’t already, you can see my end of season review here.

The Front Four

I play a 4-2-3-1 with HK. I haven’t done a post on tactics yet as I’m experimenting a bit and tactics are a weak point in my FM and football knowledge. I want a 4-3-3 but Léosson just performed a lot better further up the pitch so we found more success with the 4-2-3-1. These radars are my options for my striker, number 10s and wingers that I can play as my front four.

Ingi Jóhnsson

Ingi Jóhnsson has had good season for us but I was hoping for more from him. His radar is quite good but doesn’t stand out in any areas except key passes and maybe passing %. The top five stats are quite average and in the middle of the range, but shot on target ratio needs to be higher than 33% in the future. I haven’t looked into it but my guess would be that he shoots from too far out for low xG (Expected Goals explained here) chances. This is something I may need to change in the player instructions and encourage him to pass more because he gets so many key passes. I’m torn because he shoots quite a lot his goal rate and conversion rate are decent and want him to keep them up. I may start to train his long shooting attribute. Overall, Jóhnsson had a good but not amazing season. He didn’t make large impact on our season like I hoped he would and I need him to stand out more in an important position if he wants to lead the line for us. I may look to replace him next season if I find a very good looking replacement. I need more goals coming form our from man.

Leósson AM.png

Léosson was a key player for me this season from CAM and hope he can replicate it next season. Like Ingi, Léosson had amazing key pass rate and improved his defensive contribution a lot since last season where I said that that was his weakness in midfield. His passing accuracy isn’t the best but I can’t complain because of the amount of assists and key passes. This tells me he probably was trying a lot of difficult balls through to players which can get cut out. He tried a lot of risky passes and want him to continue doing that even if his passing accuracy isn’t top quality. I may train him to shoot more and see how that goes because he doesn’t shoot much at all and would like to see how he does.

Sveinn AM

Sveinn the 19 year old winger was our best player this season in my eyes in an attacking sense. He was top goalscorer with 10 in all competitions. Great key pass and assist rates and decent scoring rate gave him a great season. His contract has runout and he won’t accept a new one unfortunately, otherwise I would’ve trained him to cut in more and improve his off the ball and positioning to get more goal scoring chances. I really want him to stay and become a club icon but he’s leaving to KR, the top team in Iceland. He was on a youth contract so for this great season he cost me £5 a week.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 12.07.38

Sveinn grew a lot recently as you can see with all the green arrows and my coaches rain him at 4.5 stars. Hopefully we can compete with him and KR next season.

Már Eyjólfsson

Már Eyjólfsson is our young left winger who isn’t great on paper but I like him and he performed well this season for us. Another player with not many shots but lots of key passes. He had a lot of minutes which will really help him develop. He has a similar shaped radar to Sveinn but is missing the assists and average rating. I think he can perform in the top division next year but may look to rotate him with an older, better player.

Kronkes AM.png

Kronkes didn’t play as much for us this season, about 800 minutes, so the sample size isn’t great for his radar but I wanted to put him in because he came off the bench for us regularly on the wings and for Léosson. For a young rotational player he is a good fit. He doesn’t do much in terms of goal scoring and shooting but he did well in the passing areas. This shape is actually similar to the ‘elite passer’ shape in radars for actual football and players like Özil and Payet.

Centre Midfielders

I’m only showing our two midfielders as our other options in midfield didn’t play enough to get a good enough sample size, with these two experienced players both playing most minutes.


Eysteinsson is one of our two players aged 24+ and at 30 years old has a lot of experience in the Icelandic leagues but to my surprise hasn’t received caps for Iceland. It’s an impressive radar which is all that needs to be said. Average rating isn’t a great KPI (key performance indicator) in my opinion so that doesn’t worry me, passing accuracy could improve but I believe he tries lots of risky passes which is why his key pass rate is high but they won’t always come off. He plays as a ball winning midfielder which suits him well with very impressive defensive contribution and explains his low scoring contribution.


Guōjónsson was a key player for us this season and last but at 35 the experienced centre mid is deteriorating and rejected a contract extension and will be joining a Israeli side next season. Due to age his pace has fallen to just 6 which could explain his low dribble rate and that he clearly passes the ball a lot when he receives the ball. He doesn’t tackle much which is leaving a big gap in his radar. He has 9 tackling but 11 positioning and anticipation which may explain his interceptions being very good. I don’t care if he doesn’t tackle but intercepts really well.

This is just some basic analysis that I’ll do every season to evaluate my team. In coming seasons I’m going to do more in-depth analysis and collect data but at this time I can’t as my computer doesn’t like me going through all my league matches. But expect some interesting stuff next season.

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