Building A Mountain: First Season – Byrjunin

The first season of this save is finished and in this post I’ll explain to you and go over how I’ve managed the team and what I’ve done with the club so far. This is also the second time I’ve written this because first time it didn’t save apparently…

Also, so you’re aware for all future posts I’ve nicknamed most of my players to avoid confusion and so I know who players are and can find them easily. I struggled at first when the whole squad had three names and they were all similar.

Byrjunin means ‘The Beginning’, if you were wondering.

At the moment I’m setting the building blocks of the save. On my agenda is:

  • Sorting out finances
  • Turning Professional
  • Promotion
  • Youth Hoarding
  • Setting Up the Scouting Network
  • Coaching Specialisation

Hopefully these should be completed in the next few seasons but to start with this save will be slow until I can sign some players and grow youth players until the team actually improves.

The League

As I said in the first post I joined the club 10 games into the season and we sat in 7th position. Here are the 12 games I played:
 The 12 Games that I Played

As you can see we started off with a tight loss to title winners Fram with a goal from Jóhnsson. This was followed by two away wins, one of which was a great win against Grindavík who lost the title by a point. After that we got 7 points from a possible 12 which I was happy with and we even reached 5th in the table. But, as you’ll notice in these 7 games we conceded 11 goals with one clean sheet. Clearly we have a few problems in defence.

After that we got just the one point from a possible 15 points. This saw us drop down the table to where we finished. This poor run only saw us score one goal and conceded 8. We also lost to the Fram on the last day, which played a big role on the title race.


We finished 8th in the table which seems disappointing at first but if we’d avoided the terrible run of form we could’ve jumped the table to a good position because 3rd to 7th were only separated by two points. This is proving to be a tight league.

Salary Per Annum.png

There is a huge correlation between wage spend and league position. Meaning that we should have finished around 7th,which we did. We slightly underachieved but I feel we should’ve avoided the bad form. KA greatly underachieved and Grindavík overachieved. But at this level I don’t feel it has too much affect because wages are small and competition was very close.


As I said in the first post, upon joining HK I had no coaches or scouts and that was first on my agenda to sort. I have a small wage budget to spend but this is what I got.

Assisstant Coach.png

I’m quite pleased with my assistant manager. He’s very determined and has decent tactical knowledge, which I find very useful. He’s experienced with 24 caps for Iceland, but is 50 so and not good enough to be my long-term assistant. I like to have one who I have throughout the save. For example I’ve had Andrea Pirlo before for 8+ years.

I have two coaches:

Coach 1Coach 2

I really like both of these coaches. They’re both young, very determined and have good coaching ability in areas. They also have good coaching badges and because they’re young I trust that they will improve a lot as coaches. They’re both on tiny wages and I hope these two can be at HK for years to come. All three of my coaching staff match my philosophies of personalities of having a great atmosphere and a group of determination and professionalism that will spread to players.

I also have two scouts who won’t be at the club for very long.

Scout 1Scout 2

These aren’t great but I didn’t have much choice. They have low determination and okay scouting attributes. They are both amateur so are free. So they’re perfect for our financial status. This also means anyone can just take them off me so they won’t be here long. I don’t intend of having them at the club for long anyway but I need scouting right now.


This is also my head of youth development. With youth being a main focus of the save I wanted to get a HOYD into my backroom early. Low wages of £35/week and a good badge I was interested. He has good determination and good at working with youngsters so he can work well in our setup. Hopefully he can help with the youth conveyor belt system. His judging player attributes aren’t great but he’s the best I could get.


Davíõ Einarsson.png

What small budget I had went on staff so this was the only signing I made. It was a loan signing from Fylkir in the Premier Division. He didn’t have much time to make an impact but for no wages he was okay depth. I never do much in my first season even if I have the money to avoid ‘new manager syndrome.’

Player Analysis

In my first post I said how I’m interested in statistical analysis in sport and you can see on my twitter @SL_TeamTalk and my website ( During this save I will use radars to evaluate my players and transfer targets. If you haven’t seen radars before or don t understand them then you can click here which will take you to my site where I explain them.

Starting with Attacking Players

Trausti Már Eyjólfsson 884.png 

Eyjólfsson is my favourite youth prospect and I’m trying to give him as much game time as possible. He’s come of the bench a lot but he’s performed well and at 16 years old I’m very optimistic about his future at the club. He has good goal scoring rate from the wing and his creativity is good with a bit of defensive contribution. His average rating is low but I’m excited to compare this season to next season when he’ll get more minutes.

Leósson is my creative driving force and has been good this season. He has good shooting but doesn’t shoot enough. He has great defensive contribution and passing but hasn’t made enough assists. This could be due to poor striking quality in front of him or our poor form at the end of the season. He is similar to Eyjólfsson but just a bit better in areas. The left radar is the attacking radar and the right is his radar as a centre midfielder. He played CM and CAM this year for me. As you can see the defensive side of his game is very lacking but the attacking statistics are great. For this reason I prefer him in attacking midfield but he can play well in an attacking role but from centre mid.

Ólafur Valdimar Júlíusson 862

Júlíusson shot a lot with little return. He had a quite good assist rate but he is no where near where I want my starters to be. He’s 36 and will leave the club soon. Not much else to say.

Sveinn Aron Guõjohnsen 1563

Sveinn is a decent striker/winger and at 17 years old with great potential I can see him being a star for us in coming years. Again another player with lost of key passes but not many assists. We just didn’t score any goals. I’m also thinking that it could be due to different definition of a key pass by football manager.

I only have four players who played enough minutes in these positions to be analysed properly so not too much to see.

Central Midfielders

Alti Valsson 902

Valsson had one of, if not the worst radar I’ve ever seen. Terrible. Not much to say really. Want to get him out of the club.

Einar Logi Einarsson 1536.png

Einar Einar had a poor season but managed some decent assists and goals. Other than that he gives nothing. He’s 23 and my assistant rates him so I may keep him round for next year as a rotation and see if he can do better next year. Hopefully he can perform.

Jóhannes Karl Guõjónsson 964.png

Guõjónsson is by far our best player this season and has out shone the rest of the team. However, he is leaving the club at the end of next season as we don ‘t fit his ambitions. I just hope he doesn’t come back to play against us because he can clearly tear up this league from central midfield.

Jón Gunnar Eysteinsson 1948.png

Eysteinsson has also been key in midfield. His partnership with Guõjóhnsson was great. Not much to say other than I’d like him to contribute defensively a tiny bit more. Makes lots of key passes and came with a decent amount of goals and assists from midfield.

I don’t have football manager templates for defense. I do for real life football though. Hopefully I may have some for defenders in future but until then I cant assess them using radars.

Hopefully you liked this summary of my first season in charge. All feedback is appreciated and follow me on twitter @SL_TeamTalk. If you’re reading on the day of publishing, enjoy the FA Cup final.

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