Building A Mountain: Season 2 Preview – Önnur þáttaröðin

First season is done which you can read here, and I’ve made my preparations, signings which you can see here for the 2016 season and summarised it in this short post. I have started the season by playing the Upper League Cup which finishes before the regular season starts.

Pre Season

Not much to say about preseason other thank two poor loses but good to test out our youthful team. Good result in our only big game vs Philadelphia with a draw against a club miles above us. We had a great start but after that we struggled to score.

Upper League

Before the regular season starts and league play begins we are involved in the Upper League Cup. It is one of two cups in Iceland and consists of three groups of 8 teams from the first two tiers in Iceland. Our board expectation was ‘don’t be outclassed’ so I wasn’t too hopeful going into this competition. And as you can see we didn’t do too well.

First game vs ÍA we started poorly conceding from a corner early on. We countered well with good build up from Guõjonsson in the 17th minute and a throughball from Leósson that sliced the defense. Sveinn floated a slower and higher cross than I wanted, but it was unfortunately missed just by Már Eyjólfsson as his volley at the back post went wide. We controlled the rest of the game and most attacks with no end product. I was annoyed as we were definitely winning on xG but were unlucky. I switched to overload in the 85th and substitute Zakari put a throughball through to Sveinn who moved into the channel (as I’m training him to) and scored in the 91st. As you can see it ended at a score draw and I was happy to take a point against a top division side.

Second came a 2-0 defeat against one of the two strongest Icelandic teams, FH. Goals came 5 minutes either side of half time as we were outclassed and they should’ve scored more. We didn’t do badly though and I was pleased with some defending. The next game was an unfortunate result as we went up 2-0 up but conceded two late goals. They were told of the group with 2 wins going into the game. Next came a lose to Iceland champions KR. We went into half time at 1-1 after being dominated but a unfortunate collapse came in the second half as we conceded 3. Our 4th match vs bottom placed Haukar was bad. We conceded a corner in the 90th minute. In the fifth game I nearly smashed my computer after conceding in the 92nd after being 1-0 up against a strong Premier Division side the whole game. Last game was another close one and another set piece as they scored a very nice free kick.

My Upper League My Group

Here’s how my group ended. We weren’t outclassed and we were very unlucky. I know I’m making excuses but it was a hard group too. There were only two first division teams other than us and the other 5 were premier division sides.

Other two groups

Here are the other two groups if you care.


During these seven games Ingi Jónsson started all seven and failed to score, which didn’t impress me.  We only scored 5 in 7. In an effort to fix this I signed this guy on a free transfer.


Ismar Tandir is an American striker who I hope can lead the line with success. I will rotate often between Tandir and Jónsson throughout the season. He is only 20 and can have a good future. He’s 6’5” and pretty fast with good dribbling. He passes transfer rules and has good teamwork. Hopefully can get goals. What do you guys think?

Now I’m going into the regular season and we’ll see how it goes. This was just a post so show our preseason and the Upper League Cup and one signing other than the ones I showed  in my Meet the Youth post, if you haven’t read it you can read it here. Next post will show you how our second league season went.

Feedback appreciated. Visit my site – And my twitter – @SL_TeamTalk.

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