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Sorry I haven’t posted recently but due to exams and being on holiday I haven’t had much time for FM. But, I’m back now and plan of storming through the seasons with this save with regular short posts. So keep your eyes peeled!

I’ll start with the Icelandic Cup. The board wanted us to get to the third round which is what we did. In our first game in the second round we easily dispatched of an amateur side. We used a rotational, young team giving us fitness for the league which is the main objective.

Cup Game 1 Team

However we went out in the third round after a tough draw to Stjarnan who went on to win the cup and finish fourth in the top division. I played another weak, youthful side against them. They didn’t perform amazingly but I wasn’t expecting anything against this good side.

Cup Results

Now the league. I wanted promotion and the board expected mid-table. This is the first half of our league season below. As you can see it’s a mixed bag with five losses in eleven and only three wins mid-table looked like our destination come the end of the season. Also, 12 goals in eleven isn’t great and we didn’t have any outright goal-scorer. Ingi Jóhnson had the best record with 3 goals. But, we had 8 different scorers for the twelve goals.

League first half

The second half of the season was a big turning point. One loss in our final eleven games saw us climb the table with 2.45 points per game it left us with the very unlikely chance of promotion of the final day, but it was within reach. As you can see below the league table at 21 games which is a game from the end of the season. Five teams could have finished in the top two promotion spots. We were playing bottom of the table Afturelding so I knew we’d do what we needed to but needed other results to go our way.

Second half od league

League Table on 21 Games

This is the email we got after the game. We did it!

HK Promoted Email

We got promoted taking the second spot after a dramatic final day where fortunately for us Leikir R. and Pór lost. Vikingur Ó. won but I finished above them on goal difference. I was annoyed to take second but its the promotion that counts. We were finishing top as BÍ/Bolungarvík until the 75th minute where they scored in their game to win and finish top. If they drew we would’ve won the league on goal difference.

Final League Table

As you can see we really climbed the table after a poor inconsistent start but good form in the final stages where it really counts.

Stages of Seaosn

Obviously this has been a successful season and with a youthful, Icelandic team it was what I wanted. I really want to push on and succeed in the Premier Division and win the league and compete in Europe as soon as possible. Our youth players have grown nicely and gained a lot of experience this year. Here you can see my team’s Age Utility Matrix Graph from all comps this season. If you don’t understand the graph I’ve written about it on my site which you can read here.

Age Matrix Graph.png

Basically this graph is some basic analytics which shows that I used all youth other than two players over 24 (aged 30 and 36) and many youth players aged 17-21 got a lot of minutes which will really help them grow. The red shows players in peak age (24-30). As you can see we had one 30 year of and he’s leaving peak age now. This is proof that my youth project is working and players are doing well and getting minutes. We got promoted so this shows we did it with youth. I want to really push on and prosper in the top division and see how this season goes and how our youth products can grow.

Hope you enjoyed this post. In the next week there should be another post analysing my players’ season and how they performed. Thanks for reading.

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