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As you should know if you’ve read my other three posts (which you should) a main principle I follow is a large recruitment of youth players which can be sold for large profits and can usually go straight into the first team.

This preseason the youth conveyor belt has started. I’ve brought in 10 players under the age of 21. In this post I’m going to show you my youth prospects currently at the club and discuss transfer business. Also, I was given a lot of money to spend but didn’t see it necessary. If adjust my budget to only wage I still have over £4000 to spend. Which the board love.


Before I start the board allowed me to get three more scouts and a coach:


A really young coach with well-rounded coaching. Great determination and personality. Really think he could be one to stay at club for years.

ScoutScout 2

Similar to other scouts: amateur contracts with low determination that won’t be at the club for long. Just a short term fix. Not much else to say other than I’m happy to expand our scouting team.


The third scout is my first paid scout who looks very good but needs more determination. At £40 per week he’s a great investment.

Youth Prospects

 Youth Players

This is currently our players under 21 (and Pétursson) with any real potential. I left out a few which are dead wood who were here when I arrived. I don’t fully trust coaches at this level but these look decent.
 Ingi Jóhnsson.png

Ingi Jóhnsson is a young striker who will lead the line for us this season. Only made six appearances last season, three of which were off the bench. He was at the club when I joined at I’m hoping he can be at the club for a long time providing I can keep hold of him. He’s performed quite well so far in preseason. He passes the transfer rules with good composure, work rate and first touch over 11. He has some flaws which worry me and may stop him being the player I think he could be. He has low determination and my coach thinks he’s injury prone. He’s also 5’10” which I’d prefer to be taller but I hope that it won’t limit him. There aren’t any tutors available at the club so I may bring in an experienced rotational striker who he can learn off. I’m training his finishing which should be better. Lots of positive attributes and I have high hopes.


Sveinn will start on either wing this season. He’s only 17 and on a youth contract. Unfortunately he won’t accept a new contract because he’s too ambitious. Doubt I can hold onto him but I hope I can. He came from our youth ranks before I joined the club. Some decent technicals like dribbling and passes transfer rules. Needs to improve his pace. I’m training him to improve his crossing and to move into channels. I may also have him as an inside forward.

Már Eyjólsson.png

Már Eyjólsson had a decent first season under me on the wing, but he only got 884 minutes. Hopefully more this season. Már has some good physicals and a few good mental attributes. Technicals are lacking slightly but at 16 I can really see them growing over the coming months and him looking like a solid player. My coaches don’t think he can do the job for the team at the moment but as you saw from his radar which I showed you in the season 1 summary he can play well at this level.

Örn Sigurõsson

Ólafur, my 20 year old centre back will be in my starting XI a lot this season and I can really see him growing. He’s strong and has good marking and heading. I’m training his tackling to be better and I’d like him to be a little bit quicker. He was brought to HK this season for £7,500 and I’m hoping him to be with us for several years. He could be a possible future captain, as long he doesn’t outgrow the club. Unfortunately, there aren’t any available tutors for him. This is one of the disadvantages of such a young squad. I may look to bring in some experience through the season.


Valur is my back up and rotational centre back. At 17 I can see him grow with the club. He is an academy graduate from HK with good tackling, heading and jumping reach. I worry about his marking ability and I’m training that and it has already improved this season a little. Also training the PPM of ‘Mark Opponent Tightly.’ I was planning to have him as a starter but after the Upper League Cup I decided that I needed a new CB, you’ll see the new one next.


Heiõdal is our new starting centre back. Although, a centre midfielder naturally I see him being our key centre back. He’s 21 and 6’6” with good marking, teamwork, strength and positioning. With some strong mentals I can see him as captain in a few years. Some of his attacking stats will also help with our play from defence. He also passes four of the six rules. He’s sporting and professional and is contracted for another two years which is great.


Grétarsson is a young keeper and he did pretty well for us over the course of last season. He has a few good attributes but overall he needs to improve in lots of areas especially communication and one on ones as I see it. I want to see how he can do this season before I consider buying a new keeper and making Grétarsson an understudy.

Hamza Zakari

Zakari is my only foreign player in my squad and is a good rotational option with Léosson at CAM or CM. He has several stand out attributes like first touch and dribbling but he needs to improve his physicals. I’m training his speed but overall I think he can do well for us as a rotation option. As you can see he’s on a non-contract deal because I wasn’t sold on him at first and that’s what he asked for. I can offer him a part time deal at any time provided that he earns it.


Those are my main eight prospects. If I did them all it would be quite repetitive, but below I’ll add some other prospects.


*Þorsteinsson (Didn’t like the Icelandic letter in the caption)



Óli Helgason
Óli Helgason


Örn Sigurõsson




Jón Ingason
Jón Ingason

Hope you enjoyed this post and gained some insight into the squad and future prospects.

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