Samo’s Stirling – Grand Opening of Samo Stadium

Having successfully established Stirling as one of the best clubs in Scotland on the pitch, it was time to do this off the pitch too. We’d quickly outgrown our 3,808 capacity Forthbank home, we were unable to play our home European matches there (because home European matches are a thing now for the club!), and halfway through my seventh season in charge the board sanctioned a request to have a new stadium built. Just in time for the beginning of my ninth season in charge of Stirling, we’ll move into our brand spanking new 14k capacity home (you noticed the background image change, didn’t you?).

Nobody wants to be playing in the Stirling Albion Stadium. It’s uninspiring and the game needs to get better on things like this. So I went out and bought the in-game editor purely to change the name of our new stadium. Pure mad mental? Aye, probably. But fuck it. Welcome to the Samo Stadium.

It’s customary to open a new stadium with fanfare, fireworks and a fancy friendly match. You’ll have read what happened when I took my Stirling side to Argentina to face Bastardo’s Estudiantes side to celebrate the 75th anniversary of our club forming. Having kept in touch in the years since, including his recommendation to Walter Samuel to join as my new assistant manager last season, I felt it was only right to invite Bastardo’s bastards to Stirling to crack open the champagne bottle on the side of the Samo Stadium. Oh, and to play some football too of course.

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Your FM18 Scottish Scout

When I mentioned that I was heading back to Scotland for FM18 I also said that I’d be bringing you some extra bits and pieces alongside my Stirling career posts. There’s been a few of these already:

  1. The edited Scottish database I’m playing my save on.
  2. An in-depth look at how bloody awesome Kieran Tierney is on FM18.
  3. And some recommendations from me on clubs you might fancy going on my edited database.

When I started the Kieran Tierney piece, I said that I didn’t just want to bring you those boring player profile pieces you see, where you just get a screenshot and a bit of blurb about the player. Today’s post is one of those! I’m four seasons into my Stirling save now, and some Scottish players are progressing brilliantly. I’ve got to single them out and recommend them to you to pick up in your own saves, if you can. Think of me as your Scottish scout. Note that their values are slightly over-inflated in my screenshots due to newly introduced homegrown league rules and a tiny reputation boost for the Scottish league.

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Scottish Saves on FM18

I wrote one of these generic posts recommending a couple of clubs to go in Scotland ahead of FM17, and here I am! Back again for another one with my recommendations for FM18. But, if you’ve read my intro post to my FM18 content for the year, you’ll know this post will be with a little twist. I’ve restructured the Scottish league structure for my own planned save, and would encourage you to download my edited database too if you fancy going any of the clubs I’m going to suggest today. If you do download, please do bear in mind it is an edited database and could be prone to little things being wrong here and there. Let me know if you spot anything and I’ll try and fix them for future.

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Kieran Tierney on FM18

Hopefully you’ve all read the first FM18 piece I wrote, but if not I mentioned in it that I’ll throwing all my FM focus behind my homeland, Scotland. I’m a big advocate of Scottish football and believe it doesn’t get the credit it deserves. We’re often looked down upon by our rich neighbours down south, and their fans. Scottish football is packed full of stories and natural narratives that often don’t get much attention. A lot of this is down to ourselves too mind you, we can’t just be blaming everyone else for failing to talk up our own game. I’m hoping to use FM18 as a platform to really highlight all of the good about Scottish football, and enlighten you on a few things along the way too.

Today’s post is something that you shouldn’t really need to be enlightened on. Kieran Tierney is the current big hope of Scottish football. This is a player guide, but with a difference. There won’t be any simming 5/10 years plus here. I’ve gone Celtic and I’m going to try and get the best out of KT myself.

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My FM18 Plans

I’ve been a bit quiet as everyone else around me has been revealing their FM18 plans left, right and centre. The new game has been fully released, and I’m now ready to get fired right about it.

If you know me, you’ll know I’m Scottish and that I love Scottish football. I’m also a big believer in focusing on your strengths, and that’s why I’m heading back to Scotland on FM18. I want to establish myself as the go-to when it comes to anything Football Manager and Scotland. If you’ve got a burning question about anything to do with Scottish football on Football Manager, you come to me. Alright pal?

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