Eskozia La Brava | “The Jamie Vardy Problem”

At the halfway stage of season two we were sitting in the bottom half of the LaLiga table. We’d been turfed out of Ipurua and forced to play our home matches in Alaves’ Mendizorroza stadium. This massively affected our home form across the first half of the season, we had the second worst home form in the league with just a solitary win (technically two, funnily enough we beat Alaves away).

A few tactical tweaks would get us on our way, wouldn’t it?

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Eskozia La Brava | We Do Love Playing Away

My first season at Eibar went very well indeed. A 5th place league finish means we head into the Europa League group stage in season two.

It’s a positive financially for the club, but it does mean we have to negotiate a fair few more midweek matches than I was used to during season one. While I had a tight squad contributing to our success last season, rotation will be key in the first half of this season. It might mean a struggle to pick up points too.

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Eskozia La Brava | A Squad Game

At the halfway stage of my first season in charge of Eibar on FM20 we were riding high in the Champions League qualification spots in LaLiga. This surely wouldn’t last but based on our performances, we certainly deserve to be there. A reminder that the board are looking for a mid-table finish which I certainly think we’re on course to deliver.

Could we sneak into Europe for the first time?

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Berlusconi’s Dream – Yes, but what’s his fantasy?

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It was about 2am when the call came through. I don’t normally have my phone on “loud” when I’m asleep but I guess I forgot to switch it when I went down. “Razzo!” “Razzo!” The voice was loud. “Razzo, mi salvatore!” The voice was drunk or high. “Razzo, I need you! Come to me now!” It was Berlusconi.

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Berlusconi’s Dream – Uhhh what?

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So this went left, really fast. Our hero, Il Razzo, had barely re-positioned the picture of the wife and kids for the fourth time upon the desk in his office at Brianteo when #ForzaBerlusconi entered:

“Razzo, it’s time I left you. You’ve made great strides in your time here to date; far outstripping the guidance I could ever have given you. So I’ve sold the club to Luca. He’s a good man. Don’t worry, he’ll give you as much time as I had planned on. Anyway, it’s back to the European Council with me. Good luck! Ciao!”

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Berlusconi’s Dream

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“They will cut their hair. They will remove visible piercings. They will be polite to referees. They will not dive or simulate to win free kicks. This is a modern traditional club, Razzo. We are a club of gentlemen and the players will comply. Now, I remind you that we should be competing in Serie B next season. Cristian, bless him, was unable to achieve that. I charge you with that target. Win the league this season and let us take the next step to show Italy what is possible with the strength of our conviction and the ability of our identity. Forza Monza! Forza Berlusconi! Forza Italia!!”

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