“No one likes us…” End of Season 8

So we’ve come, to the end of the road.

Welcome the finale of “No one likes us…”. What a Football Manager save this has been, and if you want to read about me emotionally reminiscing about what’s happened during it, do check out my FM17 summary post.

No time for emotion right now though. There’s business to tend to. At the halfway point of season eight we were flying domestically. 14 points clear at the top of the Bundesliga, and a fifth consecutive title was all but wrapped up. The main reason for me continuing on this save into it’s eighth season though was the Champions League. I craved a third win of the jug-eared trophy. The theme whirred in my brain as PSG defeated us in last season’s semi final. I have to be celebrating come the end of the season.

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“No one likes us…” Season 8 Winter Break

Here we go then. I took the decision to fire ahead into my eighth season in charge of RBLeipzig. The race is on for me to get the season finished before the beta drops for FM18. Will I manage it? I’ve managed to bloody charge through half a season in record quick time for me to be fair, but that might well be down to downloading the brilliant Tempo skin by Keysi Rensie (why hadn’t I already downloaded it!?) and being able to instant result quite a few of RBSalzburg and RBLDN’s matches! This has enabled me to fully focus all my efforts on RBL.

I want a clean sweep of trophies for my last hurrah on FM17, let’s see if I’m on track to do so…

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“No one likes us…” End of Season 7

FM17 is still a thing! We might have had the first bit of proper FM18 info drip-fed to us, and we might well and truly be in the major lull of FMing before the new game is released, but I’m back with another update from my RB save.

If you missed the Winterpause update, we were riding high and competing on all fronts. The UEFA Super Cup, the DFL-Supercup and the Club World Cup had all already been won. We’d progressed in the Champions League, advanced in the DFB-Pokal (probably my favourite competition on this year’s game) and were unbeaten in the Bundesliga.

Could we go one better than last season and complete the clean sweep? Keep reading to find out!

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“No one likes us…” Season 7 Winter Break

We might have expanded the Red Bull Revolution to London, taking over, rebranding and RBifying West Ham, but RBLeipzig are still my main focus. They’re still the club that everything will be geared towards.

After last seasons almost invincible season, we come into season 7 in not-so-familiar territory as favourites, and under pressure to succeed. We are odds on to retain the Bundesliga crown for a fourth successive season. Since the beginning of the save, I’ve enjoyed being the underdogs. Nothing has really been expected of us from the media or from the board, and as such, I’ve been able to fly under the radar. At the stage now where the pressure is on to win every match, to win the BuLi, to retain the Champions League for the third season running…

Will we be able to cope with it?

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“No one likes us…” Meet the Invincibles

If you missed the end of season 6 summary, the 2021/22 season saw us manage to go the entirety of the season unbeaten, almost. We lost one match all season, the European Super Cup against Arsenal early on in the season. Still raging about it. For the purposes of this post thought, let’s try and forget about it. In the Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal and Champions League, not to mention the Club World Cup and DFL-Supercup, we were invincible.

Along the way so far in the save, there’s been fleeting mentions of some players, and more regular mentions of others. The aim of this post is to introduce you to the players that made the big contributions to our success in season 6. Standby for player screenshots galore. Meet the Invincibles.

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“No one likes us…” Introducing Red Bull London

Wait, what?

Yes! The Red Bull Revolution has rolled it’s way over to England. There were a few clubs in consideration, and if truth be told, this was a bit of a last minute decision to go down this route again in the save. Just this summer I’d decided to get rid of the Championship and only have the Premier League active in England, otherwise it probably would have been a second tier side we take over.

Alas, the Premier League is our destination. The bright lights of the TV deal was too attractive for the fizzy drink brand to avoid for too long. It’s the bright lights of the capital as you can see, too. You might even recognise the stadium. That’s right, West Ham United are no more. Say hello to Red Bull London.

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“No one likes us…” End of Season 6

Back again for another update in the RBLeipzig and RBSalzburg save. In a slightly reflective soppy comment, what a save this has been so far. I’ve said it a few times over the last week or so on Slack, as much as I love managing in my home country of Scotland, I think Germany and the Bundesliga has been the best league I’ve ever managed in on any version of the game. Austria? Meh, not so much, but heck that just adds to the whole story.

When we left off during the winter break, we were sitting atop the Bundesliga. Four points clear of Dortmund, with two games in hand due to our Club World Cup winning exploits. We hadn’t lost yet in those 15 league matches, we’d romped to six wins out of six in the Champions League, and as it happened, our only defeat of the season so far was against last season’s Europa League winners, Arsenal, in the European Super Cup. Would that become a significant point come the end of the season?

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“No one likes us…” Season 6 Winter Break

And we’re back! It’s been a little while hasn’t it? Pre-seasons tend to take quite a while to plough through, especially as I much prefer to play all of the friendlies myself, still on extended highlights, as I like to get the players up to full fitness before the new season myself.

It’s a big season in Leipzig. We come into my sixth season at the club as reigning treble winners. Our successes last season were brilliant, winning the Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal and of course, the Champions League. We’re the team to beat now. We go into every match under pressure, expected to win.

How would we cope?

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“No one likes us…” RBL End of Season 5

And so we come to the end of my 5th season in charge of RBLeipzig. The rate I play the game at, plus the addition of RBSalzburg, I’m very surprised I’ve managed to reach this point! At the halfway point of the season we were riding high in the Bundesliga. 11 points clear, surely we were on course to retain the title? We’d also successfully negotiated a tricky Champions League group, and made our usual strides in the DFB-Pokal. Was a treble looming? Read on to find out!

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