My FM17 Scouting Approach

Scouting is one of the three main aspects that I’ll be focusing on in my RBLeipzig save that I called out in my initial plan for FM17. Since the appearance of Moneyball style saves on Football Manager, scouring the globe for talent has become even more important than before. My RBLeipzig save isn’t a traditional Moneyball one, however I will be imposing their non-FM world restriction on aiming to bring in players under 24 years of age and looking to develop, and sell on talent within reason. The final two points there are things I’ll address in another post, but for today, here’s my approach to scouting on FM17 with RBLeipzig.

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“No one likes us…” Season 1 Winter Break

And so we begin. Thanks to everyone that read my intro post to the RBL save, and also my approach to scouting for the save too. Both seemed to go down really well which gives me a lot of encouragement going into the save proper! Talking of the save proper, it’s time to get stuck into it. I’ve reached the Bundesliga winter break which is handy as it gives me a chance to pause and look back on what’s happened in the first half of the season.

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My FM17 Training Approach

As I pointed out in my intro post, alongside scouting, development is to be one of the key pillars of my time at RBL. Translating this onto FM, this means training.

My under 24 years of age signing policy means that the vast majority of players I have on the RBL books will be promising ones that can still be developed and nurtured. Here’s my thoughts on how I’ll be interpreting things in-game.

Before I do that, I just wanted this awesome header for the save, that James @FMPressure has created for me, to make its debut. James also wrote a great piece on his own approach to training, so if you haven’t already, give that a read once you’re done here!


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“No one likes us…” End of Season 1


We hit the winter break, and were sitting pretty in 7th place in the Bundesliga. Remember, it’s our debut season in the German top flight, and we’re smashing the expectations of the media, and of our board, who both expect us to fight bravely against relegation. In reality, they’re looking at our reputation (which is lower than the vast majority of 2. Bundesliga teams) and not at the quality of player we’ve got at our disposal. Depending on the winner of the DFB Pokal, 7th might be enough to ensure there’s some European Rasenballsport being played at the RB Arena next season. But from our performances in the 1st half of the season, I was aiming for more…

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“No one likes us…” Season 2 Winter Break


A 6th place finish in my, and our, first season in the Bundesliga might seem to some like a bit of a failure when you take into account the resources on offer plus where RBLeipzig are in the table in the non-FM world. I’m taking it as a good achievement though, a building block in the long term aim of eventual Bundesliga, and European domination. More and more I’m coming to realise that probably the key thing to note so far is that we’re really not anywhere near the upper echelons of German football yet in the game. Our reputation is still only national, sitting 19th in the country, and still lower than 2 2.Bundelisa clubs. Putting things very much into perspective.

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My FM17 Tactic


If you’re here to read about RBLeipzig’s real life tactics, or any proper attempt at recreating the way they’re playing on FM, you’re in the wrong place. There’s plenty of brilliant articles out there analysing what Naby, Werner, Forsberg, Sabitzer and Poulsen are doing offensively and defensively to ensure that they’re probably the most exciting team in world football right now. I’d definitely suggest you have a Google search and read some of them, as any similarity between my FM tactic and the way RBL are playing in the non-FM world is purely accidental.

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“No one likes us…” End of Season 2


After the first half of the season, we were sitting 8th in the Bundesliga after a fairly average and uninspiring start to the season. Losing 4 times in those 17 matches had already equaled our total loss tally from the previous season. Our form in the second half of the season had to be better if we wanted to qualify for Europe again. However, remembering that the board only expect us to finish in the top half, there’s plenty of room to overachieve which is exactly what I like to do.

We’d also qualified out of our Europa League group, and had been drawn against English heavyweights, Leicester, in the 1st knockout round. Let’s get into the second half of the season then!

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