We are the ‘Ton: 2023/24 Summary

If you’ve missed some of my Tweets about this, my time at Greenock Morton on FM16 has come to an end. We are the ‘Ton no longer. The save isn’t over though, and will continue as per the results from the poll in my previous post. This post will give a brief summary of the 2013/24 season, and I’ll follow up with an outline of what you can expect to see next from me in FM16. Incidentally, if you want to reminisce and read back all of the posts from the ‘Ton save, just hit the image below.

Greenock Morton

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We are the ‘Ton: Tactics Part Two

When you last heard from me on the tactic I was playing in the ‘Ton save, we’d just won our first Scottish Premiership title, at the first time of asking no less. The tactic I won the title with wasn’t the one I chose to tell you all about. After the title win, I took the decision to totally revamp the way I wanted the team to line up on the pitch. That decision led to my beautiful asymmetric tactic. What followed that was two consecutive 2nd placed finishes in the Scottish Premiership. In one way, this was perfect, it allowed us to establish our place in the league after the surprise win in our first season back in the big time. On the other hand, this is Football Manager. Those 2nd placed finishes hurt, I wanted the top spot again. What we went on to do was special, and if you want to read about a tactic that won two consecutive domestic trebles, you’d better keep reading!

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We are the ‘Ton: 2020/21 Summary

Greenock Morton

It feels like a long time since the last Morton update, in which we detailed what it took, in my eyes, to be a Morton player. The 2020/21 season is now over, and as you can probably tell from the title of this post, we’re going to delve into a summary of it. Of course, the structure of this update will be led by the 2020 Vision, which you’ll be reminded of and that will be outlined in each section. If you want to though, you can have a read of it in full here.

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We are the ‘Ton: What Makes a ‘Ton Player?

I’ve now reached the 2020/21 season in my Morton save, and if you missed my last post, here’s a little reminder.

I felt that going into my 6th season at the club, and having established ourselves at the top end of Scottish football, it was time to put together some aims and targets for the remainder of the save. If you haven’t had the opportunity to read that post yet, the fourth, and final, aim outlined was to answer the question, ‘What makes a Morton player?’ I also completely copped out by not answering it within the last post, but to be fair, who’s ever complained about an extra post to read!

Read on if you’re interested in my thought process for coming up with an answer for the question, ‘What makes a Morton player?’

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We are the ‘Ton: The 2020 Vision

Before we get into this post, I just wanted to say thanks for reading the previous post on my ‘Ton tactic. You broke Occasional FM records (not hard!), and still are!

Ever since winning the Scottish Premiership, I’ve strayed away from doing the straight save updates on each season. Unless there’s a real hook, something unique about your save, or you’re a brilliant writer, I find they can get a bit tedious! There hasn’t really been anything to properly draw you in as readers to the ‘Ton save as yet. Until now hopefully!

If you’re a regular to Occasional FM, you might remember my A Home, Abroad series where I set out to only bring in players to Tenerife that had been released by clubs in the UK. In that save, I had a set of strict rules to adhere to. I’m a really big fan of bringing weirdly made-up, pretend aspects into the game. So with that in mind, let me introduce you to my new guiding ‘aims and philosophies’, The 2020 Vision for Greenock Morton.

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We are the ‘Ton: Tactics

It’s been a while, but I’m back. I may not have blogged in a few weeks, but that doesn’t mean I’ve not been playing FM. I’ve been firing through the save at the same rate as before, but finding it difficult to remember to screenshot, and document the save at the certain popular periods for an update. When you last heard from me at the end of season 3, we’d just won the Scottish Premiership in our first season in the league. What an achievement.

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We are the ‘Ton: End of Season 3

If you’ve not been following the save so far, where have you been? It’s been a whirlwind. In season 1, we consolidated our place in the Scottish Championship, qualifying for the playoffs but in the end, falling short. In season 2, we went to the next level, and played our way to the Scottish Premiership, topping the Championship table. And in the last update, you’d of seen that at the half-way stage of season 3, we were sitting in 4th place in the Premiership, exceeding the boards and the bookies expectations of relegation. The season is finished, so how the hell did the mighty Greenock Morton get on?

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