We are the ‘Ton: Tactics Part Two

When you last heard from me on the tactic I was playing in the ‘Ton save, we’d just won our first Scottish Premiership title, at the first time of asking no less. The tactic I won the title with wasn’t the one I chose to tell you all about. After the title win, I took the decision to totally revamp the way I wanted the team to line up on the pitch. That decision led to my beautiful asymmetric tactic. What followed that was two consecutive 2nd placed finishes in the Scottish Premiership. In one way, this was perfect, it allowed us to establish our place in the league after the surprise win in our first season back in the big time. On the other hand, this is Football Manager. Those 2nd placed finishes hurt, I wanted the top spot again. What we went on to do was special, and if you want to read about a tactic that won two consecutive domestic trebles, you’d better keep reading!

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We are the ‘Ton: 2023/24 Summary

If you’ve missed some of my Tweets about this, my time at Greenock Morton on FM16 has come to an end. We are the ‘Ton no longer. The save isn’t over though, and will continue as per the results from the poll in my previous post. This post will give a brief summary of the 2013/24 season, and I’ll follow up with an outline of what you can expect to see next from me in FM16. Incidentally, if you want to reminisce and read back all of the posts from the ‘Ton save, just hit the image below.

Greenock Morton

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