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Over 500 Football Managers have chosen to take the plunge and see what #FMSlack is all about so far. This in itself is great and I’m delighted that so many people have decided to see what it’s all about, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Those that have picked it up and adopted it into their FM routines seem to be getting a lot out of using the platform, but there’s a big number of people who have joined and haven’t adopted it. Some of the 500 have let their accounts become inactive. Why is this? This post will hopefully try and coax some of those 500 back again, and hopefully serve as a bit of promotion for those that haven’t joined yet, but are considering it.

Slack is potentially a very new platform for some, meaning that when you first get logged in, it could be very confusing! Before all that though, there’s some downloadable options to make your life much easier for staying up to date whenever you want to. First up, if you’re in the office and have the option to download anything, or of course if you’re at home on your laptop or PC, you’ll want the Slack desktop app. It’s available for Windows or Mac, so get it downloaded and it’ll make the world of difference.

slack-post-1Next up, if you don’t have the permissions to download anything to your work PC, or you want the option to stay up to date while you’re on the loo, then the Slack mobile app is for you! Just search for Slack in your app store.

Back to you being confused when you first jump in. You’ll arrive in ‘generalfmchat’, this is the only channel that nobody has the option to leave. Everyone that joins #FMSlack will always be in this channel, be mindful of that, it might make sense to take your question to a specific channel. You’ll also be in a few other channels as default, but if you want to search for more to join then here’s what you need to do. If you’re on desktop, then click on ‘channels’ to find a list of available ones you can join. If you’re on the app, then you’ll need to click on the Slack logo, and then the ‘+’ symbol to see the list. There’s so many for you to join. Think of these like the sections and threads on the old-style forums.

You might have spotted from the image above that some of your favourite FM writers or YouTubers have their own channel where they post their updates, plus extra tidbits from their save, enabling you to get even more involved in it along with them. This is exactly what I hoped would happen. If you’ve got an idea for a channel, just create it. You’ll more than likely find someone else has thought of it too.

If there’s a channel you’re particularly attached to, you can favourite it so it appears right at the top of your app. Just find that yellow star beside the name of the channel and click it.

Sneaky plug for my channel on there, search for occasionalfm in the channel list!

It’s also ridiculously easy to upload files, images, gifs and even documents. If you’re on desktop and have an image ready to go, all you need to do is copy that into the Slack app, you don’t even need to save it into your files to then upload it. If you aren’t on the desktop app, then there’s an easy upload option too for any saved files you’ve got.

One of the main things I’m getting out of #FMSlack at the moment is the brilliant conversations you can have with other FM fanatics. There’s no character limits, there’s no clunky forum to negotiate. It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s quality.

Don’t just take my word for it though, here’s a few words from a just a small selection of others who are really enjoying their #FMSlack experience so far.

JacobAnalyst had this to say, after having recently started his FM blog at


Another success story from #FMSlack has been AnFMOldTimer. Who’s now posting on Marc Bowen‘s limitedfullback.


Chris Darwen, whose Higher Tempo Press site is really going from strength to strength right now, had this to add.


And if you don’t take their words for it, what about stalwart of the FM community, FMAnalysis. Here’s his take.


So how can you be like them and 500+ others and join? If you’re reading this before Sunday 5th March, then the easiest way to sign up to #FMSlack is via this link. Just click it and join!

If you’re reading this on or after Sunday 5th March, then please DM me on Twitter with your email address or send me an email to to gain access. The quick access links are renewed every week, so aren’t always active.

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  1. I Chris, i’m interested to join the slack channel but the link in the topic is expired, can you send me an updated link? thank you

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