Hello, and Welcome!

A big hello and welcome to my inaugural post. Some of you may already be familiar with me, from my work on Twitter as FM_Samo, and some of you may be shouting “Who is this random guy?” Well let me introduce myself. I’m Samo, funnily enough, and I’d consider myself to be an FM inbetweeny. I haven’t been playing the game for as long as some people, but with my first purchase being 01/02 (still the best), I’ve been playing for longer than some.

So why a blog all of a sudden?

I’m a huge fan of a number of the current efforts of those writing about the game we all know and love. Up until recently, I never believed I had any great reason to move into blogging. With greater emphasis being put towards FMC (and some of the big FM personalities choosing to play FMC over the full game), and my own time playing the game rapidly decreasing, I realised that there was space in the crowded blogosphere for me. The Occasional Football Manager.

Now I know what some of you are saying…

I’m an occasional Football Manager too. Yes, but I’m talking really occasional. Like a few hours. At the weekend. Sometimes not even every week. It kills me. I love this game and the detail of it but other things just get in the way of my playing time; work, relationships, playing football, house hunting. Life really. “Just make the time!” you say, it’s tough you know. I’ve gone to great lengths to find more time to play the game (yes, it’s installed on my work laptop). Even a sneaky hour here and there is difficult. Everyone’s circumstances are different and therefore everyone slots into their way of playing.

Some examples of what you won’t see here…

Like I’ve mentioned, I read the majority of Football Manager blogs, and I’ve got huge respect for the guys that spend their time deeply analysing each match, and their teams performance. What went wrong, why did it go wrong, and what could be done to fix it.

FM14 Player Options
Taken from the FM Analysis Blog. Respect.

The depth of analysis undertaken by FMAnalysis on his blog is ridiculously good. It’s a way of playing the game that I can only dream of. I find myself engrossed with his posts, almost getting lost under the weight of information he gives us. Ultimately, I’m jealous. I’m not tactically aware, and this isn’t how I go about my FM-ing. I pick tactics and stick with them until I feel they aren’t working for me anymore. Once I feel this, do I analyse the last few games, do I check my players average positions? Nope. I simply tweak the tactic or change it completely to a new one. Regardless of whether I have the players at my disposal for that tactic or not.

Leading nicely onto…

Players. In my eyes, the shining light of FM blogging is Shrewnaldo. FM 13 was a particularly good year for him, and I closely followed his Feralpi save on his FM Veteran blog. His move to Den Haag only underlined the thought he put in when it came to buying and developing to suit a system.

FM Team Image
Shrewnaldo and his Den Haag side. A mix of youth and thought out signings.

He’ll scour the land and find that gem that can play at Libero. He goes above and beyond though too, he looks closely at player attributes and if he thinks they can do a job elsewhere on the pitch, he’ll sign them and re-train them. Do I do this? I think by the rest of the post, I most certainly don’t. A player I like, a quick glance at his attributes and position, perhaps a scout report at a push, I’ll make a bid, he signs. I’m playing a formation without any wingers, have I got wingers in my squad? Of course I do, I might suddenly decide wingers are the way forward.

What will I be writing about then?

You’ll be getting an insight into what the occasional Football Manager’s life is like. Sporadic posts every now and again. A delve into how I sign players, how I decide upon my tactics, how I decide what training to undertake, or how I develop youth players.

I hope you join me for what could be a long, bumpy and often boring season.

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