Introducing: Football Manager Slack Community


It’s not Twitter or Facebook. It’s not a website or a blog. It’s not a forum. It’s not YouTube. It’s not even the next Tifo project…

It’s kind of a mixture of all of them.

I’ve started a Slack community for the FM Community. If you aren’t aware of what Slack is…

It’s aimed at organisations to make communication easier. Different conversations can be organised into ‘channels’, plus private channels or chats can be created too, including 1 to 1 direct messages. It’s slowly being adopted as a community platform though. I said it’s a kind of mixture of all of the platforms I listed above, and it certainly can be.

I’m thinking we can use it to get closer to all of our favourite content creators without character limits. Join their individual channels and follow along with them posting their updates. Chat with ease about tactics, players and how you play the game. Files or videos can be shared and downloaded. Images or GIFs can be uploaded with ease. YouTube videos or podcasts can be watched or listened to from within the platform.

If you want to join the latest FM Community, please get in touch with me via the links below and I’ll send you out an invite.

Twitter – @FM_Samo

Email –

Once you’ve got the invite, download the Slack app for iPhone or Android, download the desktop app, or just head to and sign in.

If content creators and fans alike join, I think it could be a great place to share all things Football Manager.

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