Introducing ‘The Versus Series’

Over the last couple of months, there’s been a lot of positive chat and positive things happening within the Football Manager Community. #wearethecommunity launched on Twitter and was seen as the first step in putting a real focus on having the ability to find everyone and anyone creating Football Manager content. Some claimed it needed a next step, and that next step came in the form of The Tifo Project. If you haven’t joined up yet, I’d recommend you do so as it truly does enable you to discover bloggers, streamers, YouTubers, and podcasters that you most likely didn’t know existed previously, or easily follow the updates from the ones you did.

While all this has been happening, I’ve been plugging away with my Morton save with the desire in the back of my mind to attempt something with a community focus. Something that can be seen as another positive thing amongst our community, something that others would hopefully like to view or read about, and something that others in the community can even get involved in if they want to.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to ‘The Versus Series’.

The Versus Series

In a nutshell, The Versus Series is going to be a series of cross-collaborative pieces of content between FM content producers facing off against each other. Two managers will play a match against each other, and afterwards, they’ll post whatever type of content they want to around that match.

They might choose to set the scene before the match, give their thoughts on the opposition tactics, where they think they might get some joy or where they might run into a bit of trouble.

Once the match is underway, they could go into key moments. Goals, chances, times they thought their tactic was working well against the opposition, or a period where they’d identified they were up against it tactically. Did something have to be tweaked to swing the match in their favour?

It might just be the general story of the match. Detailing the teams, the key players, the general tactics, who scored, who was man of the match. There is no right or wrong approach to the format or type of content being produced around The Versus Series.

I’m introducing the idea, but that doesn’t mean that you need to run anything past me to take part in The Versus Series. All you need is a willing opponent, your team, and your tactics. Ever wanted to pit your wits against Guido’s Strikerless? Or test your strikeforce up against Paul from FM Central’s mean defence? Lay down a challenge to them and let the rest of the community know how you got on.

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