La Scuola di Calcio – Introduction

Hello, it has been a while since I have written anything related to Football Manager but thanks to the invite from Samo to contribute my thoughts to his blog I now have a place to do so. There were a number of factors that stopped me from actually writing about Football Manager 18 but in all honesty, I did not enjoy that version of the game as much as I had previous versions. I had even considered not playing the new version at all, that was until the new features were announced and the improvements to training and tactics caught my eye.

Now it is safe to say I am once again invested in the game and with that comes the desire to write. 

Which brings me to this, La Scuola di Calcio or The School of Football. When Samo mentioned my writing a series on this site I already had a few ideas as to what I wanted to write about and a few clubs in mind that would give me the club to build the overall narrative around. In the end, the choice came down to Atalanta of Italy or Hajduk Split of Croatia with my love for Italian football pointing me towards Atalanta, the side from Bergamo in the North of Italy.

A few years ago I was told a story of something that is still ongoing in Bergamo to this day, whenever a baby is born in the city they are sent an Atalanta strip by the mayor of the city. This is seen as the first step to ensuring that the locals grow up to support the club, especially important given the relatively close proximity of Milan and Turin. The idea of an entire city choosing to support their local side despite having the likes of Juventus, Milan, and Inter close by is an intriguing one. Hopefully, success at the club will lead to an increase in attendance and of course an increase in the revenue that is made available to reinvest in the club.

The fact that the series is named La Scuola di Calcio obviously references the fact that I am planning to use and rely on the youth academy in order to provide players for the first team. The youth academy at Atalanta should prove to me more than up to job, rated as the best academy in Italy and one of the best in the whole of Europe the club has a long history of producing and developing young players who have gone on to have storied and distinguished careers both with Atalanta and with other clubs around the continent. The facilities are already excellent and we are lucky enough to have a Head of Youth Development in Maurizio Costanzi who has the personality ‘perfectionist’. The first step with regards the youth academy will be to upgrade and add to the coaching staff as well as looking closely at the training for youth players under the new training module.

I don’t plan on writing any of this series as a ‘guide’ there will be posts which are specific to things like tactics and training but in no way will I be suggesting that what I am doing is the ‘right way‘ or even the ‘best way‘ instead it is simply my way. I will be using these posts as a way to show the way that I believe that clubs should be run so you can expect a lot of me transferring my knowledge from the real footballing world into FM, whether that works, of course, will be a different matter altogether.

I don’t plan to write long save updates periodically and instead, the series will consist of a number of smaller but more detailed posts looking at aspects of the game such as Squad Management, Youth Development, Tactics, Training, Recruitment, and Updates. These updates will concentrate on specific aspects of the game that I find interesting enough to want to share, hopefully, when taken as a whole this series will give you a significant overview of not only the way that I play FM now but of the way that I see football as a whole.

I will leave what was meant to be a brief introduction here, the next post will detail the way that I plan to recruit both at first team and youth team level and then after that I will take a first look at the tactics that I plan on implementing at the club.

Thanks for reading.

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