“No one likes us…” Die Zukunft Season 2 Update


I introduced you to some of the players I’m looking to step up and potentially be the future of RBLeipzig in my first Die Zukunft update, and today is the first follow up looking at the development of some of those players, and pointing out a couple more that have joined the club.



He just appeared in my last post, where I listed him out as a potential internal successor to Naby Keita. I’d actually identified that in the first Die Zukunft update though, and since that, he’s made the step up to the 1st team squad. He did that in January, and went on to make 7 sub appearances, getting 187 minutes on the pitch.

He’s being trained in the roaming playmaker role, in the defensive midfield slot, and he’s improved in quite a few attributes. His physical attributes have risen quite a bit, while he’s improved his passing, tackling, technique, work rate, decisions and off the ball. All quite important attributes if he is going to succeed Naby one day.



Janelt was one of the success stories of last season. The reason Diego Demme left in January and one of the reasons I’m not too fussed about keeping Rani Khedira at the club. He’s been playing in the defensive midfielder role next to Naby and started 15 games, getting 1,465 minutes on the pitch over the course of the season. An average rating of 7.09 isn’t too bad at all for a defensive midfielder not expected to get amongst the goals, assists or do anything spectacular. Janelt does the simple, and he does it well.



A £7m signing, rising to a potential £9m, last summer. He was for the most part a back up option, with Bernardo and captain, Willi Orban, being the first choice pairing in central defence. He did make 17 starts though, and got 1,571 minutes overall. He’s being touted as a potential star in the non-FM world, and I was determined to bring him to RBL from our friends over in Salzburg. I’m hoping he’s got plenty of room to develop and continue to improve. He doesn’t have the best mental attributes across the board, but that doesn’t bother me too much. I’m willing to let him make a few mistakes, for now.

de Wit


The brightest prospect from Thomas Albeck’s first youth intake to the club. He’s still in the u19 squad, but if he keeps progressing at the same rate, it won’t be long at all before he makes the step up to the 1st team squad. His personality has changed since I last showed you him, he’s now spirited compared to light-hearted. Going to admit I have absolutely no idea where those sit on the scale.

I’m hoping his heading improves, as then I’d have no problem at all with him stepping in as a back up/rotation option with the current central defenders. Finding it quite funny that he’s got 1 for leadership. Don’t see him succeeding Orban as our future captain…

I’m consistently turning down bids from Bayern and Dortmund for him now in each transfer window. He’s a wanted man, but I have no intention to sell one of our best prospects.



Following in the footsteps of Dadachov, Janelt and Abouchabaka, Majetschak is the next big thing to make the step up to our 1st team from the u19s. He scored 31 goals for the u19s this season, which pretty much forced me to promote him. He’s developing really well, and looks like he could play his way into eventually succeeding Timo (Timo will never leave me…).



Now onto Albeck’s youth intake from my second season at RBL. Our coaches like the look of this guy, the de Wit of our 2018 intake if you like. Will de Wit and Aßmus be our rocks at the heart of the RBL defence in the future? de Wit is on track, but it’ll be interesting to track Aßmus’ development too.



Another prospect from Albeck’s class of 2018, and another that our coaches rate very highly. The role of a left footed left winger doesn’t quite fit in with our tactical set up right now, so he’s training in a left midfield wide playmaker role. He’s got some great attributes for a 15 year old, 15 teamwork, 14 for dribbling and finishing, and room to develop him into a proper pacy wide man. I’ve got Emil Forsberg currently tutoring him as our senior wide playmaker.

Where’s Dadachov and Mihalcea?

If you’ve reminded yourself of it, both Dadachov and Mihalcea appeared in the initial die Zukunft post. Both well and truly established themselves as integral members of my 1st team squad. Die Zukunft graduates, if you will. They’ve properly made the step up, an example being Dadachov getting a shout out in the end of season 2 update, and winning the German u19 player of the year. Janelt and Upamecano probably on reflection shouldn’t be appearing in this post, but I wanted to call him out again. I’d say Abouchabaka is probably next in line to graduate.



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