“No one likes us…” Introducing die Zukunft


I’ve outlined my approach to scouting as I seek to secure the signatures of promising players across the world, but I haven’t discussed the young players already at the club yet. As I mentioned in my end of season 1 post, I wanted to introduce you to some of the young players I think will be the future of the club, die Zukunft.



Probably one of the best young strikers that I’ve ever come across on any FM that isn’t a newgen. To say that I’m excited he’s at RBL would be an understatement. He’s got all the attributes to be the main striker at the club, probably now to be honest, never mind in the future. I did make sure that I found a few opportunities for him to get some 1st team game time in the 2nd half of the season, but with just 190 minutes of action under his belt, in hindsight, I probably could have found more.

However, in his first start for the club, his first sight of 1st team football, he did this.


He’s going to be a star!



A new arrival at the club in the summer of 2016, Vlad had to be patient for chances in the 1st team and found himself mostly playing u19 matches. His form for the u19s (15 assists in 20 matches) and his personal development pretty much forced me to give him a chance in the 1st team. A goal on his debut on matchday 19 against Darmstadt was a dream start, and he followed it up with 5 assists in his 613 minutes of action over the rest of the season. This included assisting both of Davie Selke’s goals in the 3-2 DFB Pokal loss against Dortmund. His natural role as a winger on the left side doesn’t really fit in with my tactical setup, so he’s mostly been deployed in the Forsberg role of wide playmaker on the left hand side so far.



Another player that has had to be patient, playing the vast majority of u19 matches during the season and not getting his 1st team debut until matchday 32 in our 2-0 win against Frankfurt. I really like the look of Janelt and can see him slotting into our defensive midfielder role. I’ve really struggled to decide who my best player is for that role all season, with it mostly rotating between Rani Khedira and Diego Demme. Janelt could come in and snatch it from both of them in season 2.



I see 17 year old, Elias Abouchabaka as the long term successor to Naby Keita’s role in midfield. Really quick with decent passing and vision, with a not too bad first touch either. He’s rated really highly by my coaches and had a good season with the u19s. It won’t be long at all until he makes the step up to the 1st team.

de Wit


Thomas Albeck’s first youth intake has come and gone, and this is our brightest prospect from the bunch. He’s a promising centre back alright. Brave and strong in the tackle already. I mentioned before that I like the positioning attribute a lot, so I think he’s got what it takes to develop well and be a future 1st team player in the centre of our defence.

So these players are the future of the club currently. Who do you like the look of? Think Dadachov will be Bundesliga top scorer one day? Reckon Abouchabaka will eventually succeed Naby Keita in our midfield?

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  1. Dada was a quality candidate up front in FM15 even. Not surprised he’s starting to break through. So much quality youth in that side, it’s sick.

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