Kristoffer Ajer on FM21

In my role as Norwegian national team manager on FM21, I need to keep tabs on how my Golden Generation are performing. I’ll be creating separate posts to track the key players who’ll play a big part for the national side while I’m in charge.

Celtic might be getting absolutely panned for their defensive performances at the moment in the non-FM world, but Kristoffer Ajer is still Norway’s best defender on FM21.

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Eskozia La Brava | Does Misfiring Matter?

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I took the decision to change from my trusty 3-5-2 to a 4-1-2-3 in the second half of my fifth season in charge of Eibar on FM20 and it paid off. We climbed from 9th to 5th to qualify for the Europa League again, actually just missing out on Champions League qualification by a point in the end.

I was excited going into my sixth season. The tactical tweak had shown some really promising signs so far and it was a chance to get the team even more familiar with it with a whole season of playing that way. Vamos…

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Eskozia La Brava | My 4-1-2-3 Tactic

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I initially planned a post focusing on my 3-5-2/5-3-2 tactic which had been part of our Furia identity for four and a half seasons. The key word there being “had”. After our difficult first half of the season I came to the decision to move away from my trusted tactic.

It served me well and had troubled our LaLiga competitors but it was time for a change. Things had gotten a bit stale, I wanted to see us do something different going forward, to introduce a bit of variation in our attacking play. Enter a classic 4-1-2-3.

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