Kieran Tierney on FM18

Hopefully you’ve all read the first FM18 piece I wrote, but if not I mentioned in it that I’ll throwing all my FM focus behind my homeland, Scotland. I’m a big advocate of Scottish football and believe it doesn’t get the credit it deserves. We’re often looked down upon by our rich neighbours down south, and their fans. Scottish football is packed full of stories and natural narratives that often don’t get much attention. A lot of this is down to ourselves too mind you, we can’t just be blaming everyone else for failing to talk up our own game. I’m hoping to use FM18 as a platform to really highlight all of the good about Scottish football, and enlighten you on a few things along the way too.

Today’s post is something that you shouldn’t really need to be enlightened on. Kieran Tierney is the current big hope of Scottish football. This is a player guide, but with a difference. There won’t be any simming 5/10 years plus here. I’ve gone Celtic and I’m going to try and get the best out of KT myself.

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