“No one likes us…” End of Season 6

Back again for another update in the RBLeipzig and RBSalzburg save. In a slightly reflective soppy comment, what a save this has been so far. I’ve said it a few times over the last week or so on Slack, as much as I love managing in my home country of Scotland, I think Germany and the Bundesliga has been the best league I’ve ever managed in on any version of the game. Austria? Meh, not so much, but heck that just adds to the whole story.

When we left off during the winter break, we were sitting atop the Bundesliga. Four points clear of Dortmund, with two games in hand due to our Club World Cup winning exploits. We hadn’t lost yet in those 15 league matches, we’d romped to six wins out of six in the Champions League, and as it happened, our only defeat of the season so far was against last season’s Europa League winners, Arsenal, in the European Super Cup. Would that become a significant point come the end of the season?

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“No one likes us…” RBS Season 5 Winter Break

Philipp Lahm’s first season in charge of RBS brought the return of trophies to Salzburg. The club’s baron spell is over after domestic success, winning both the Bundesliga and the cup last season. Quite a lot of that success was down to some very successful loanees from RBL, which proves the model is working. Well, at least one way of it. We’re yet to really reap any benefits from the RBS to RBL side of the model, despite a few players going in that direction. More on this later on.

We’ve hit the winter break in Austria too now, as well as in Germany, so it’s time to take a look at our summer business and the first half of the season.

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“No one likes us…” RBS End of Season 4

2 weeks away on a work trip has meant 2 weeks of fairly solid FM time for the 1st time in a good few years! What a treat. What it has meant is that I’ve managed to get through the 2nd half of the season in probably record quick time for me. What this means for you is that I’ve managed to get the update written for the end of the season for RBSalzburg (RBLeipzig following very soon too)! We were going well at the half way stage, top of the league and had progressed well in the cup. I was confident we could go on to win the league and get back to where the club belonged, qualifying for the Champions League!

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