Your FM18 Scottish Scout

When I mentioned that I was heading back to Scotland for FM18 I also said that I’d be bringing you some extra bits and pieces alongside my Stirling career posts. There’s been a few of these already:

  1. The edited Scottish database I’m playing my save on.
  2. An in-depth look at how bloody awesome Kieran Tierney is on FM18.
  3. And some recommendations from me on clubs you might fancy going on my edited database.

When I started the Kieran Tierney piece, I said that I didn’t just want to bring you those boring player profile pieces you see, where you just get a screenshot and a bit of blurb about the player. Today’s post is one of those! I’m four seasons into my Stirling save now, and some Scottish players are progressing brilliantly. I’ve got to single them out and recommend them to you to pick up in your own saves, if you can. Think of me as your Scottish scout. Note that their values are slightly over-inflated in my screenshots due to newly introduced homegrown league rules and a tiny reputation boost for the Scottish league.

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My FM18 Plans

I’ve been a bit quiet as everyone else around me has been revealing their FM18 plans left, right and centre. The new game has been fully released, and I’m now ready to get fired right about it.

If you know me, you’ll know I’m Scottish and that I love Scottish football. I’m also a big believer in focusing on your strengths, and that’s why I’m heading back to Scotland on FM18. I want to establish myself as the go-to when it comes to anything Football Manager and Scotland. If you’ve got a burning question about anything to do with Scottish football on Football Manager, you come to me. Alright pal?

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