The Time-Saving Tips: Number 1

Game time is continuing to dwindle and finding a spare few hours to fit in a couple of matches is rare. With this in mind, I’m going to provide you with an insight into how I play the game to enable me to get the most out of Football Manager, my time-saving tips if you will.

‘Poaching’ Transfers

My first tip will focus on a facet of transfers that I like to call ‘poaching’. What do I mean by that? Let’s delve a bit deeper.

I’ve seen a lot of different ways players of Football Manager approach signing players, whether it’s been detailed in blog posts, or through the career sections of the SI, Dugout or Away Stand forums. I’m sure if you’re reading this, you will be no stranger to these forums, or indeed, signing players yourself. Everyone has their own methods. My time-saving tip for today though is going to focus on your competition.

You’ve chosen your team and you’ve sent out your scouts to report back on their thoughts on the numerous transfer targets you found through hours of scouring leagues, teams and the player search. You want to strengthen your team, we all do, but what are your league competitors doing? Are your rivals for the European spots going after the next big thing, have they made a bid for an experienced stalwart to steward their season? How are you supposed to know! You might not even be bothered, ‘I know my players are going to be better than them anyway’. In the world of the Occasional Football Manager, you are bothered. This might just save you a bit of time in the long run.

How do you go about doing it then?

In another amazing time-saver, you don’t have to keep clicking into your competitors team screens, and then into their transfer screens, oh no. Simply just subscribe to them! It really is that simple. Now once you’ve chosen your desired team you’re going to play as, you are automatically subscribed to the league they play, meaning you do already receive messages in your inbox telling you about transfers within the league. But what use is an already completed transfer to you? Absolutely none! You want to receive a message telling you Club A has made a bid of £x for Player A. Here’s the subscription criteria you’re after…

Team subscription


This will give me messages into my inbox whenever the other Scottish Premiership clubs make a move for a player. In a league system like Scotland’s I really feel it’s vital. Other than Celtic, it’s a dog-eat-dog level playing field with the other 11 clubs battling it out. If your competitor makes a move for a player, you want to know about it.

Player bid

Hibs have made a bid for a goalkeeper? Interesting. Firstly, I wish I had £210k to spend! Secondly, I don’t need a goalkeeper at the moment so I’m not going to swoop in and poach him from under Hibs’ nose.

Hopefully this little tip is useful to some of you. Do you have any time-saving hints or tips that you use in-game? Let me know @FM_Samo

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