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When I mentioned that I was heading back to Scotland for FM18 I also said that I’d be bringing you some extra bits and pieces alongside my Stirling career posts. There’s been a few of these already:

  1. The edited Scottish database I’m playing my save on.
  2. An in-depth look at how bloody awesome Kieran Tierney is on FM18.
  3. And some recommendations from me on clubs you might fancy going on my edited database.

When I started the Kieran Tierney piece, I said that I didn’t just want to bring you those boring player profile pieces you see, where you just get a screenshot and a bit of blurb about the player. Today’s post is one of those! I’m four seasons into my Stirling save now, and some Scottish players are progressing brilliantly. I’ve got to single them out and recommend them to you to pick up in your own saves, if you can. Think of me as your Scottish scout. Note that their values are slightly over-inflated in my screenshots due to newly introduced homegrown league rules and a tiny reputation boost for the Scottish league.

Lewis Morgan

Undoubtedly one of the brightest prospects available for you to sign from a Scottish club for not a lot of money at the start of your FM18 save. Unfortunately for those of you starting a new save once the January update hits, you won’t be able to sign him permanently at the start of it anymore as he’s joined Celtic in the non-FM world. Keep an eye out for them undervaluing him at some point and snap him up. Morgan has joined St Johnstone in my save, and you can see he’s a really tricky winger. He starts FM18 off at St Mirren, and if you’re playing as either Celtic, Rangers or an English Championship club, I’d snap him up and develop him into a gem. £500k should be more than enough to prize him away from the Scottish Championship side.

Chris Cadden

Cadden has performed brilliantly so far this season for Motherwell in the non-FM world, so it’s been great to see his ability translated onto FM18. He’s joined Rangers in my save, and has developed really well into a solid wide man. Strange for a wide midfielder to be so strong, he could certainly be an option in the centre of midfield too. It won’t be long until he makes his way to either the blue or green halves of Glasgow, or even down south. Before he does that though, you should be able to pick him up for less than £1m in your save.

Harry Cochrane

Cochrane has burst into Hearts’ first team this season, and has a goal and man of the match performance against Celtic in a 4-0 win under his belt already. He’s just 16. Fast forward four seasons in my save, and he’s a decent playmaker. Great passing, vision and decisions attributes should see him do a job being your main creative outlet if you give him the chance. Checking how much you should be able to get him for from Hearts tells me a figure in the region of £400k should do it.

Scott Wright

Wright is a tricky wide midfielder, best played as an inside forward on the left cutting in on his right foot. He’s kicked on well in my save, being involved in 33 goals and assists over the last two seasons now. He, of course, fills Aberdeen’s homegrown quota being a product of their youth academy. He’d definitely be worth picking up for your squad if you’re a bottom half Premier League or Championship side. How much would it take for you to sign him? It’s a difficult one, if I was Aberdeen I wouldn’t want to let him go, but they’ll likely start listening to you once you offer £1m+.

Greg Taylor

If only we could field a team of left backs. Andy Robertson and Kieran Tierney are tearing things up down south in my save, worth an astonishing £76.5m between them, they might be just a little bit out of reach for you. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, Greg Taylor is your man. Still at Kilmarnock in my save, he’s got all the attributes to be a great option for you. Available for around £2m, likely even less, he’s just a fraction of the cost of his positional counterparts.

John Souttar

Coming from the same Dundee United side that had Andy Robertson and Ryan Gauld, Souttar was probably expected to move down south to England but that hasn’t materialised. His younger brother, Harry, moved down to Stoke while John joined Hearts. After a couple of shaky years, he’s being touted as a Scotland centre back again. Hearts quoted me £4m for them to part with Souttar, it’s a good chunk of either Celtic or Rangers budgets For a side in the bottom half of the Premier League or Championship though, you might just be able to snap this composed and cultured central defender for less.

Jamie Barjonas

I appreciate that when you take over at either Rangers or Celtic on FM, you’d perhaps quite fancy developing some of the existing young players at the club, rather than buying in new talent. If you’re taking over the Teddy Bears, then my pick of the bunch is Jamie Barjonas. He’s not a world beater by any stretch, but when you’re a big club in-game, I feel it’s always good to have a few homegrown players in and around the squad. Barjonas has done well to remain at Rangers in my save as the club has predominantly purchased foreign talent. He’s still got room to improve to be a real talent, but I’d sign him up if I could.

Anthony Ralston

We’ve had Barjonas who starts at Rangers, so in the interest of balance, here’s Anthony Ralston who starts the game at Celtic. If Kieran Tierney is out of your price range, what about a right back who might be slightly more affordable? Ralston is currently most well known for laughing in Neymar’s face as Celtic were getting pumped by Barcelona rather than what he’s done whilst playing, but he has shown a lot of promise aside from that moment of madness/hilarity. It might take a lot for Celtic to part with one of their own, but by my reckoning £5m should definitely prize him away. He’d be a solid option to install at right back, but with work to do on his crossing perhaps in a better quality side.

That’s it for the suggestions today. You might have heard of a few of these players already, they’re a few of the higher profile young Scottish players, but hopefully I’ve given you some food for thought about scouting Scotland on FM18. If you’re playing in England or even further afield, there’s some talent to find for all levels and you might just find a bargain.

Do you disagree with any of the picks or have I missed any Scottish talent out that have developed well in your save? Let me know!

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